Professional learning and development planning: a resource for principals and boards of trustees

This resource is designed to assist principals and boards of trustees to identify the professional learning that will enable the principal to be most effective as a school leader at each stage of his or her career structure.

The material provides a planning process for principals and boards to follow in developing a mutually agreeable professional learning and development plan.

If used collaboratively it enables principals and boards (or their representatives) to enter into professional learning conversations well-informed and well-prepared to set a learning and development programme for the principal for the coming year.

The resource is intended to complement other available resources to support principals and boards as they plan the professional learning and development component of the performance agreement.

It is provided as one of the options available for assisting with the professional learning and development planning process. Principals and boards can use any parts of the resource they find useful, or replace them with other processes they find more suitable.

You can access, and work through, the four sections of the resource through the links below. Each section contains several subsections and templates that can be downloaded.

You can also download the complete document, as an interactive PDF, from this link:

Contents overview

1. Professional learning and development conversations
2. The professional learning and development planning process
3. Preparing for the next professional learning and development cycle
4. Useful support resources for preparing a PLDP proposal

Tags: Professional Learning and Development

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