Leadership programmes

The Ministry of Education leadership support programmes for 2017-2018 are: Leadership advisors; Emerging leaders; and Expert partners.

Ministry of Education programmes

Leadership advisors

Provides support to beginning principals. If you are a beginning principal find out more about the programme at: 

Support for beginning principals – Evaluation Associates website

Emerging leaders

Pilot programmes are underway in 12 selected Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako. They finish in April 2019.

Expert partners 

Provides support to leaders of Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako. Leaders can choose an expert partner from a list on the ministry's PLD website.

Further information

For full details see the Ministry of Education PLD website: leadership section.

Read the Education Gazette article, December 2016

During 2017-2018, the Education Council will establish a Centre for Leadership Excellence to provide a coherent programme of support for leadership.


The above programmes replaced the National Aspiring Principals' Programme (NAPP) and the First-time Principals' programme (FTP).

Ako in action: school leaders talk about their learning

In these videos seven New Zealand school leaders talk about how they connected their professional learning to their professional practice. 

Modules for first-time principals

These online modules provide easily accessed learning opportunities for first-time principals, but have relevance for all principals.   

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