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Adam Joyce

To make transitions more effective for Māori and Pasifika students with a view to raising achievement in literacy and numeracy in the Eastern cluster.

Tags: Māori student achievement, Transition

Burden Dale

To investigate best practice in large secondary schools of the management between transitions of year 8 students from intermediate to secondary schools.

Tags: Transition

Canute Trevor

The transition of Fijian Indian children into Papatoetoe schools.

Tags: Transition

Conrad Patricia

To investigate transition programmes across Auckland for Year 6 students moving to intermediate school and for Year 8 students moving to secondary school.

Tags: Transition

Dawson Ken

The processes schools have to transition students from primary school to year 7 in year 7 to 13 composite schools.

Tags: Transition

Dewar Ian

To research what environmental and curriculum changes schools need to make to cater for the seemingly increasing numbers of 5 year old students starting school at developmental stages that are closer to the pre-school level than to the Year 1 curriculum level.

Tags: Transition

Farrelly Michael

Investigate the transition of year 8 students into secondary schools with a particular emphasis on transition from larger schools.

Tags: Transition

Field Brian

To explore the rationale and the way schools deal with children entering school at the age of five to begin their formal education, and how children are transitioned into primary school.

Tags: Transition

Gray Mary

To review how schools implement the transition from ECE to primary education.

Tags: Transition

Gully Hugh

Investigate effective transition practices for male students from intermediate to college. Review stand down, suspension and exclusion data. Identify 'good practice'.

Tags: Transition

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