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Adam Joyce

To make transitions more effective for Māori and Pasifika students with a view to raising achievement in literacy and numeracy in the Eastern cluster.

Tags: Māori student achievement, Transition

Dewar Ian

To research what environmental and curriculum changes schools need to make to cater for the seemingly increasing numbers of 5 year old students starting school at developmental stages that are closer to the pre-school level than to the Year 1 curriculum level.

Tags: Transition

Farrelly Michael

Investigate the transition of year 8 students into secondary schools with a particular emphasis on transition from larger schools.

Tags: Transition

Horgan Jennifer

To investigate how integrating aspects of the Reggio Emilia approach within a new entrant setting could be conducive to a child's transition from pre-school to primary school.

Tags: Transition

Houghton Michael

Investigate ways to improve academic achievement, retention of students, and transitions for students from school into tertiary education courses, apprenticeships, and employment.

Tags: Transition, Vocational pathways

Inder Richard

To increase participation rate and early childhood opportunities for Māori and Pasifika children in an ECE centre based at Gate Pa school.

Tags: Priority learners, Transition

Johnson Kathryn

Investigate how to better prepare students for the transition to secondary or boarding school by extending and adapting the ways e-learning is currently being used.

Tags: Leading small schools, Transition

Mabin Rosemary

Visit similar New Zealand schools – rural, state secondary schools that are the only secondary schools in their community with a number of contributing primary schools, preferably providing years 7 and 8 technology.

Tags: Leading small schools, Transition

Nicholson Glenn

To develop and provide evidence-based guidelines which promote the best transition, drawing together all stakeholders.

Tags: Transition

Ristow Janet

To contact other remote and isolated schools to see how they are involving four year olds in transition programmes.

Tags: Leading small schools, Transition

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