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Bentley Byron

To investigate the use of performance data by teachers and senior school managers for self review and improved teaching and learning practices.

Tags: Assessment and data

Bremer Paul

To study what excellence in achievements looks like in high decile schools, in urban, provincial settings similar to Havelock North Primary.

Tags: Assessment and data

Campbell Linda

Look at successful writing programmes and the way teachers use assessment information and data to enhance student writing.

Tags: Assessment and data

Consedine Terence

To look at how we make differentiation and assessment for learning tools more manageable using digital tools.

Tags: Assessment and data, Leadership and ICT

Coulam John

To visit up to 20 schools to look at how they are reporting to their communities in plain English on the National Standards in Reading, Written Language and Mathematics. To compare best practice in reporting and lead a review of how Marian School is currently reporting to the community.

Tags: Assessment and data

Data at Queen Charlotte College

Seeing the student behind the data is key to decision-making at Queen Charlotte College. This story looks at how multiple strategies, including unbundling data, have made a difference to improving student outcomes at the school.

Tags: Assessment and data, Leadership and NCEA, Māori student achievement

Data rich world

This article discusses the value of data as an important tool for enquiry about your school rather than for judging it. What the data says is important only if we understand why it's telling us what it is and how we can use it to improve student outcomes.

Tags: Assessment and data

Fleck Pam

To investigate how evidence gathered from collecting data can be used to make more informed judgments about teaching practice and learning achievement.

Tags: Assessment and data

Foy Timothy

To investigate vocational pathways, academies and data analysis to develop effective programmes at Huntly College.

Tags: Assessment and data, Vocational pathways

Mulcahy Suzanne

To investigate the effects of the National Standards on learners who are "at" or "above" National Standards.

Tags: Assessment and data

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