Items tagged with "Leadership and ICT"

Appleyard David

To identify successful digital strategies that low decile schools are using to engage parents and whānau in student learning.

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Bain Mike

To investigate the current and potential use of emerging new technologies to support greater student control, engagement, and achievement across the curriculum and development of stronger, more responsive home school learning partnerships.

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Barnett Peter

To enquire into the development and use of e-portfolios at the primary school level and the impact of these as tools to enhance learning and parent/teacher/student partnerships.

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Bennett Francine

To progress the research component of my doctoral thesis, visit schools in Canada, USA and the UK that have used the types of leadership development I have been investigating and also those which use e-learning effectively to deliver curriculum to students and using the principle of DDDM to enhance teaching and learning outcomes.

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Black Murray

To document, evaluate and make proposals about the continuity of presentation and subsequent student awareness of digital citizenship.

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Bosch Theresa

Visit NZQA, Network for Learning (N4L), and Education Perfect as well as pilot schools to gather information to assist Baradene College to prepare for digital assessments.

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Bovaird Stephen

Investigate how to implement an individual computer device programme (1:1 device).

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Bowen Jon

To undertake professional learning activities that focus on personal professional development, leading effective change in elearning and collaborating and innovating curriculum change.

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Boxen Willem

Strengthen the schools' use of ICT to enhance learning and teaching and in particular 'best practice' of, and protocols surrounding the implementation and use of "Bring Your Own Device" strategies.

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Bruce Jeffrey

To study how the school library can be developed into a multimedia learning hub in order to further facilitate student research.

Tags: Curriculum, Leadership and ICT

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