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Abraham Maurie

Investigate the principles that drive the design of learning in a range of innovative, future-focused schools.

Tags: Curriculum design

Aked Heather

Develop a programme/framework for Project-Based Learning (PBL), with a focus on the research, resources, and best practice models identified by The Buck Institute of Education, The Innovation Unit, and Edutopia.

Tags: Curriculum design

Davis Sarah

Research schools in New Zealand that are adopting an interconnected approach to curriculum delivery and investigate how other schools are tailoring curriculum to meet the needs of students, particularly in senior schools.

Tags: Curriculum design; Transition

Drury Elizabeth

Research effective use of innovative learning environments, including the structures which support them, through wide reading, school visits and by attending the National Future Schools Expo in Melbourne.

Tags: Curriculum design, Modern learning environments

Jellyman Philip

Investigate, through research and visits to schools, innovative approaches to junior school (Year 7 to 10) curriculum design, particularly the development and introduction of integrated curricula.

Tags: Curriculum design

Lindsey Stephen

Explore the educational landscape that is necessary to meet the needs of next generation learners in New Zealand schools.

Tags: Curriculum design

Miles Anne

Investigate future-focused classrooms and teaching and learning that enables us to meet the competencies of The New Zealand Curriculum.

Tags: Curriculum design

Shea Deidre

Research and visit schools in New Zealand and the United States to see how schools are designing effective teaching and learning environments.

Tags: Curriculum design

Wright John

Engage deeply in a unique, authentic, multi-disciplined, community-based learning context centred around the restoration of Great Mercury Island.

Tags: Curriculum design