Information for middle and senior leaders

The resources in this section focus on what it means to be a middle or senior leader.

Leadership is about empowering, transforming, and working together. It not only about people in formal leadership roles.

Teachers as leaders and teachers as supporters of leaders play a central role in school development.

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Leading from the middle: educational leadership for middle and senior leaders

Leading from the middle – case studies


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Evidence-based leadership

Professional learning

Sabbatical reports

Featured reports:

Reviewing the PLD programme – Gary Hunt

Raising expectations - Liz Koni

Secondary middle leaders guide 

Secondary middle leaders – NZ Curriculum Online

Supporting provisionally certified teachers 

Guidelines for induction and mentoring - Education Council

Courses relevant for mentor teacher development – Education Council

Further information

Maggie Farrar suggests four effective activities for middle leaders – QELi TV Youtube channel