Leadership development

KLP book front cover.

"As principals develop their own professional knowledge and thinking, they gain a deeper appreciation of the conditions teachers need if they are to achieve and sustain improvements in the learning of each student. While teachers are responsible for ensuring that all students achieve to the best of their ability, they will be supported in their work by their principals’ deep knowledge about teaching and learning."

From Pedagogy: Knowledge about teaching and learning in Kiwi Leadership for Principals.

Key leadership documents

This section brings together key documents that are relevant to New Zealand school leaders.

Leadership programmes

The Ministry of Education is implementing three new leadership support programmes for 2017-2018: Leadership advisors; Emerging leaders; and Expert partners.

Professional information

This section contains professional resources and information for school leaders.

Principals' sabbatical reports

This area lists the sabbatical award recipients for each year. Sabbatical reports are added to the lists as they are received. You can also find information about the sabbatical award scheme.

Secondary senior managers' sabbatical reports

This area lists the recipients of secondary senior manager (SSM) sabbatical awards for each year. Recipients' sabbatical reports are added to the lists as they are received. You can also find out more about how to apply for sabbatical leave.