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Abraham Maurie

Investigate the principles that drive the design of learning in a range of innovative, future-focused schools.

Tags: Curriculum design

Aked Heather

Develop a programme/framework for Project-Based Learning (PBL), with a focus on the research, resources, and best practice models identified by The Buck Institute of Education, The Innovation Unit, and Edutopia.

Tags: Curriculum design

Anderson Julie

Teacher change and the Intermediate Numeracy Project.

Tags: Curriculum

Anderson Sandy

An "inquiry learning journey" at Arthur Miller School.

Tags: Curriculum

Bangma John

To investigate how schools are structuring their programmes to enhance the acquisition of a second language, to ensure the learning is relevant to and engaging for learners and flexible enough to meet diverse needs within their communities.

Tags: Curriculum

Bayliss Peter

To research and investigate how New Zealand schools are designing and implementing processes and systems that enable their teachers to inquire into the teaching-learning relationship.

Tags: Curriculum

Birch Linda

To investigate oral language programmes in NZ schools with similar ethnic and socio- economic profiles as St Michael's, but where achievement of Māori and Pasifika students has been raised.

Tags: Curriculum

Black Jude

Exploring leadership in innovation, entrepreneurship and design technology.

Tags: Curriculum, Pedagogical leadership

Bruce Jeffrey

To study how the school library can be developed into a multimedia learning hub in order to further facilitate student research.

Tags: Curriculum, Leadership and ICT

Buckland Marion

To investigate best practice for mentoring leaders of curriculum learning to strengthen their leadership capabilities to lead their teams towards sustaining raising student achievement.

Tags: Curriculum, Mentoring

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