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Anderson Julie

Teacher change and the Intermediate Numeracy Project.

Tags: Curriculum

Anderson Sandy

An "inquiry learning journey" at Arthur Miller School.

Tags: Curriculum

Bangma John

To investigate how schools are structuring their programmes to enhance the acquisition of a second language, to ensure the learning is relevant to and engaging for learners and flexible enough to meet diverse needs within their communities.

Tags: Curriculum

Bayliss Peter

To research and investigate how New Zealand schools are designing and implementing processes and systems that enable their teachers to inquire into the teaching-learning relationship.

Tags: Curriculum

Birch Linda

To investigate oral language programmes in NZ schools with similar ethnic and socio- economic profiles as St Michael's, but where achievement of Māori and Pasifika students has been raised.

Tags: Curriculum

Black Jude

Exploring leadership in innovation, entrepreneurship and design technology.

Tags: Curriculum, Pedagogical leadership

Bruce Jeffrey

To study how the school library can be developed into a multimedia learning hub in order to further facilitate student research.

Tags: Curriculum, Leadership and ICT

Buckland Marion

To investigate best practice for mentoring leaders of curriculum learning to strengthen their leadership capabilities to lead their teams towards sustaining raising student achievement.

Tags: Curriculum, Mentoring

Choromanski Kevin

To deepen knowledge and understanding of the Curriculum Mapping process and the impact that the Curriculum Mapping process has had on developing a framework for curriculum design, in relation to the NZC, that is relevant, connected, aligned and data driven.

Tags: Curriculum

Christiansen Lance

Investigate what creative curriculums are being developed in smaller schools and how smaller colleges (fewer than 400 students) are able to give students good educational outcomes with their current resources.

Tags: Curriculum

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