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Anderson Lee

To investigate programmes which address the underachievement of students in mathematics. To research best practice in mathematics and explore successful innovations and intervention programmes.

Tags: Pedagogical leadership

Anuja Singh: leading learning and leading change

Anuja Singh has responsibility for maths. She works with the four maths mentors in her school who in turn work with classroom teachers. In this way the school's vision for teaching and learning in mathematics is cascaded through all classrooms.

Tags: Collaborative practice, Pedagogical leadership

Armstrong John

To develop Henley School as an Asia Aware school by visiting Asian educational institutes and implementing and increasing cultural awareness in the school.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership, Pedagogical leadership

Barker Paul

To visit similar schools (low decile, largely Māori, rural) and to read, reflect upon, and investigate methods and strategies that are used in other schools that lead to success in mathematics.

Tags: Pedagogical leadership

Black Jude

Exploring leadership in innovation, entrepreneurship and design technology.

Tags: Curriculum, Pedagogical leadership

Booth Marianne

Investigate the implementation of Māori and Pasifika in the teaching and learning of literacy, across the New Zealand science curriculum.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership, Pedagogical leadership

Brooks Peter

To improve my understanding of how schools and can best prepare students to be the 21st century innovative thinkers that educationalists, academics and other writers claim that our future citizens need to be.

Tags: Pedagogical leadership

Callaghan Robert

Examine the characteristics of strategic planning that make it effective, and investigate how school evidence impacts on improved student achievement and school improvement.

Tags: Pedagogical leadership

Campbell Richard

Look at alternative pathways for students in the senior school by visiting schools in NZ to observe how structures and programmes have been introduced to expand the options available to senior students.

Tags: Pedagogical leadership

Carol Jarrett: leading pedagogical change

Carol Jarrett shares her experiences using the teaching as inquiry approach in her department and encouraging an environment where teachers feel safe to talk about their practice.

Tags: Pedagogical leadership

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