Principals' sabbatical reports

This area lists the sabbatical award recipients for each year. Sabbatical reports are added to the lists as they are received. You can also find information about the sabbatical award scheme.

2019 TeachNZ study and sabbatical awards are open

Applications for awards for primary principals and teachers are open. They will close on 2 July 2018.

Applications for awards for:

  • secondary school principals, senior secondary managers and teachers
  • area principals and teachers

closed on 5 June 2018.

See the TeachNZ website for the full schedule:

Table of 2019 Study Awards, Sabbaticals and Study Support Grants

Award recipients and sabbatical reports

The Ministry of Education hosts principals’ sabbatical reports on Educational Leaders as part of the sabbatical scheme agreements. While the sabbatical reports may be of interest to viewers, their content is not owned, controlled, or necessarily endorsed by the New Zealand Ministry of Education.


Primary award recipients 2018

Secondary award recipients 2018

Area award recipients 2018


Primary award recipients 2017

Secondary award recipients 2017

Area award recipients 2017


Report archive for 2007–2016

Downloading reports

If a name shows no downloadable file underneath, this means that the report has not been received.

If you are unable to download or view any report, send us an email telling us which report you want and we will send you a version in a different format:

About the sabbatical leave scheme for principals

Paid sabbaticals of 10 weeks’ (one term) duration are available to principals in state or state integrated schools. For information, guidelines, and application forms about the sabbatical schemes, plus other study awards available for principals, go to the TeachNZ website:

Primary Principals’ Sabbatical Leave Scheme

Secondary Principals’ Sabbatical Leave Scheme

Area School Principals’ Sabbatical Leave Scheme

Writing your report

If you have completed your sabbatical leave, you may find these guidelines useful for writing your report:

Please keep graphics like photographs and diagrams to a minimum.

Submitting your report

Please send completed reports to TeachNZ at:

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