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Blair Yvonne

Investigate and see in action good teaching and learning strategies and management practices in successful small schools, and how small schools achieve positive relationships with the community.

Tags: Leading small schools

Carpenter Allan

To investigate how rural schools network with others to design an engaging and motivating innovative learning environment with their priority learners, families and community.

Tags: Leading small schools, Priority learners

Christiansen Lance

Investigate what creative curriculums are being developed in smaller schools and how smaller colleges (fewer than 400 students) are able to give students good educational outcomes with their current resources.

Tags: Leading small schools

Dobbin Margaret

Investigate and improve procedures to improve the 'learning pathways' of children, from early childhood education to the end of the first year at primary school.

Tags: Leading small schools, Pedagogical leadership

Donnelly Donna

Explore models of staffing in area schools to best meet learning programmes.

Tags: Leading small schools

Fordyce Stephen

To identify best practice strategies integral to successful small rural secondary schools.

Tags: Leading small schools

Fraser Neil

Investigate how smaller rural South Island schools can better cater for and recognise Māori students when they are already keeping par with their peers academically.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership, Leading small schools

Goulstone John

To investigate innovative approaches in primary schools to teaching and learning especially in small schools.

Tags: Leading small schools

Hayward Jeff

 To study the governance and management of small school on the East Coast (NI). and study similar comparative study of small schools in Australia.

Tags: Leading small schools

Johnson Kathryn

Investigate how to better prepare students for the transition to secondary or boarding school by extending and adapting the ways e-learning is currently being used.

Tags: Leading small schools, Transition

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