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A learning organisation

This OECD guide proposes a model to describe the processes a school uses when it aspires to become a learning organisation.

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Co-principals – more than the sum of two halves

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Collaborative cultures

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Devenport Janine

How primary schools can collaborate to provide high quality learning and professional development opportunities across clusters or communities.

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How do principals improve schools?

This article from Educational Leadership is set in a US context, but it has relevance for New Zealand schools who wish to establish professional learning communities (PLCs).

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Hunt Gary

Research the effectiveness of the College's current professional development programme and how it has aligned with programmes that operate in the Mid-Bays Community of Schools.

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Invercargill schools collaborate

A single transition form for the whole of Invercargill has replaced the forms each secondary school used to collect information from primary schools in the area. Southland Girls’ staff talk about how the quality of transition for staff, students and the wider community has improved.

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Learning is the work

Learning is the Work is a powerful article by Michael Fullan on the benefits of collaborative work in and between schools. It is also about well-led teams of teachers working to build individual and collective capacity to raise student achievement. It is a useful article for those building understanding about effective collaborative practices.

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Pepper Daniel

Review the actions taken in our Community of Learning, Kāhui Ako, one year in, and the impact on our schools and their communities.

Tags: Collaborative practice, Communities of learning

Promoting collaborative learning cultures

This issue of Ideas into Action discusses the necessary conditions for establishing an authentic collaborative learning culture in a school, and how we can build collaborative relationships across and between communities of schools.

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