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What is the role of an Ombudsman?

An Ombudsman may investigate complaints regarding acts, omissions, decisions, and recommendations of school boards of trustees and their staff.

When an Ombudsman determines to investigate a complaint, he or she forms an independent opinion as to whether or not the act or omission was unreasonable, unjust, oppressive, improperly discriminatory, contrary to law, or wrong. Where appropriate, an Ombudsman may also make a recommendation for the resolution of a complaint.

Common areas of complaint concern stand-downs, suspensions and when information requested by a parent or caregiver has not been supplied to them.

The Official Information Act covers all requests for information from a school except for requests for personal information which are covered by the Privacy Act (e.g. request from a student for their own file).

More information regarding the role of an Ombudsman can be found on the website of the Ombudsman New Zealand.

Updated: June 2017

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