Evidence-based leadership

Using student achievement data and research on what works is the basis for sound decision making about teaching and learning.

New Zealand articles and resources

The politics of collaborative expertise

John Hattie outlines eight steps to achieve long-term, system-wide attention on student learning. He calls it a model of collaborative expertise.

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A framework for transforming learning in schools: Innovation and the spiral of inquiry

by Helen Timperley, Linda Kaser and Judy Halbert

This paper argues for a “sea change in learning settings for young people”. Using a range of examples from New Zealand, Australia and Canada, it makes the case for new approaches to designing learning and teaching and how we might achieve this. It also provides a model for long term PLD within schools.

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New Zealand school stories

Looking behind the data at Queen Charlotte College

Seeing the student behind the data is key to decision-making at Queen Charlotte College. This story looks at how multiple strategies, including unbundling data, have made a difference to improving student outcomes at the school.

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Using data at Southern Cross Campus

John Clarke knows that robust data empowers a school to answer the question, "Is the decision we are making going to improve student achievement?"

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Making a year's progress

Tony Howe discusses the strategies used at Opotiki Primary School to improve students’ reading and physical fitness.

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Other resources

Equity and data-driven decision-making

by Professor Amanda Datnow

In this paper, Amanda Datnow summarises what we have learned about data use practices and the implications of this for equity. It is a useful summary of how data can open or close doors for students depending on how we use it.

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Using data, transforming potential into practice

by Various

This issue of Ideas into Action focuses on the use of data and its potential to transform teaching, learning, and leadership. It is is extremely readable, gives useful definitions, and is full of practical ideas for using data in your school. 

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Leading schools in a data rich world

by Lorna Earl and Stephen Katz

This article discusses the value of data as an important tool for enquiry about your school rather than for judging it. What the data says is important only if we understand why it's telling us what it is and how we can use it to improve student outcomes.

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Seven practices for effective learning

by Jay McTighe and Ken O’Connor

This article considers assessment practices that improve both teaching and learning and provides descriptions and examples of summative, diagnostic, and formative assessment.

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No schools left behind

by Victoria Bernhardt

This article discusses different types of data collection, including what the author calls 'perceptions data', and ways they need to be handled and analysed to build up a picture of the school community.

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The research-engaged school

by Graham Handscomb and John MacBeath

This article shows schools how to recognise and acknowledge the enquiry and research activity that is already taking place, as well as challenge and identify areas for further work and development.

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Narrowing the gap: reducing within-school variation in pupil outcomes

by Members of NCSL’s Leadership Network

Case studies from a range of school leaders who worked on reducing variation in their school as members of the NCSL Leadership Network (UK).

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