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Engagement through e-learning

Experienced principal Rory O’Rourke talks about the decisions Kaitao Intermediate School staff made in 2012 around moving to an academy structure and to e-learning using one-to-one computing.

Tags: Leadership and ICT, Student engagement

Forgie Alan

To investigate and develop e-learning opportunities in rural area schools to help every child have access to this and the opportunity to succeed.

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Freeman Jeffrey

To look at changes in teacher pedagogy and use of ICT in modern learning environments to improve achievement.

Tags: Leadership and ICT, Modern learning environments, Modern learning pedagogies

Grey Tony

To explore how effective e-learning schools are successfully utilising and implementing and Ministry's e-learning planning framework; to investigate the effective use of mobile technologies in modern learning environments to enhance the engagement and achievement of students, including priority groups of special needs learners and Maori students.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership, Leadership and ICT, Modern learning environments, Priority learners

iPads in the east

The Pegasus cluster of schools in Christchurch was badly hit in the earthquakes. A bright spot has been the leadership shown around getting ICT infrastructure back up and running in the schools.

Tags: Leadership and ICT, Pedagogical leadership

Killalea Dominic

To investigate how growing accessibility and interactivity in ICT is being managed in schools both in New Zealand and overseas.

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Lamb Simon

To investigate the incorporation of technologies into the learning processes at Takapuna Grammar School to support both local and distance students.

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Malcolm Michael

How does teacher pedagogy change through the effective use of technology and what impact does this have on student achievement?

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Parish Lynette

To develop a strategic plan for the school library to sucessfully function as a centre of e-learning to help to raise literacy levels across the school.

Tags: Leadership and ICT, Pedagogical leadership

Pearce Clyde

To explore how schools are effectively using e-learning technologies to enhance teaching pedagogy and raise student achievement.

Tags: Leadership and ICT

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