Guides for managing your school

Practical guides for first-time principals on systems such as finance, employment, property.

Understanding school finances

This guide contains information about school finances and resourcing. It has financial self-checklists for principals and covers:

  • key sources of financial information
  • keeping accounts and preparing budgets
  • reporting on and reviewing school finances.

Planning and reporting: School charters

This guide contains useful information about school charters. It covers:

  • the purpose and content of a charter
  • your role in developing a charter
  • reviewing and updating a charter.

Dealing with complaints

This guide will help you to apply simple, broad principles to the way you deal with complaints.

Effective communications

This guide contains suggestions for managing the myriad of everyday communications you are involved in as a principal.

Understanding school employment

This guide contains useful information about school employment. It looks at:

  • appointing staff and payroll
  • concurrence
  • individual and team performance.

Understanding attendance

This guide focuses on the administration of attendance, attendance levels at your school, and getting beyond the collection of data. It covers:

  • the administrative requirements
  • attendance at your school
  • engagement and attendance.

Understanding school property

This guide contains information to help you understand school property. It covers:

  • property plans
  • school property policies and procedures
  • property management.

Preparing for your next ERO visit

Julia Davidson, principal of Wellington Girls' College, provides practical advice for principals who are preparing for a visit from the Education Review Office.

Starting in a new school

This guide offers suggestions to principals starting in a new school to help:

  • make the first term a positive one
  • avoid major issues
  • develop good processes.

Primary principals' annual calendar

This guide will help you to keep a month-by-month overview of what’s ahead so that you can bring coherence to your planning. You can customise the calendar to suit your situation.

Secondary principals' annual calendar

This calendar will help you to keep a month-by-month overview of what’s ahead so that you can bring coherence to your planning.

Managing your time

This guide offers some suggestions that will help you to:

  • manage your own time
  • fit in your own learning
  • manage others’ time agendas.

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