Leading and managing change

Managing school change is one of the most complex school leadership tasks. School leaders need to understand the change process to lead and manage change and improvement efforts effectively.

How to make change work

Randy Pennington, business strategist and author, talks about how to make change work, and strategies for leading change, not just managing it.

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New Zealand articles and resources

Principals as leaders in a post-disaster setting

In this study Gerard Direen investigates the perspectives of twenty Christchurch primary principals on school leadership in a post-disaster setting. He focuses on their experiences in late 2012 and from mid-2013 on.

Inviting innovation: leading meaningful change in schools

by Mark Osborne

As Mark Osborne points out in this highly readable 2014 article from set, leading change in schools is challenging. He constructs three New Zealand-based scenarios to exemplify aspects of the change process in three different school situations. This is a useful reading for leadership teams.

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School leadership in the changing demographic of Christchurch in 2013

by Christine Harris

In this article Thorrington School principal, Christine Harris, writes about changed social landscape of post-earthquake Christchurch and what this has meant for education. She explores the lasting impacts and the imperative to lead change and solve problems. 

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Sustaining school improvement: ten primary schools' journeys

by Linda Mitchell, Marie Cameron, and Cathy Wylie

This NZCER research report describes case studies in nine primary schools and one intermediate school that have made deliberate efforts to bring about positive improvements in teaching and learning.

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New Zealand school stories

Creating a more inclusive school culture

The staff of Kaikohe Intermediate knew they needed to change their ways of teaching and learning and create a more inclusive school culture. 

Tamaki College

David Hodge Tamaki College

Tamaki College wanted to regain the confidence of its community. Past principal of the college, David Hodge, talks about the methods they used to raise academic achievement across the school during his time there.

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Other resources

Moral purpose and shared leadership

by Michael Bezzina

This study explores how shared moral purpose and shared leadership support teachers as they implement authentic learning.

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Eight forces for leaders of change

by Michael Fullan, Claudia Cuttress, and Ann Kilcher

This article considers the process of leading change in schools. The eight forces provide ways to think about the process, and suggest topics for discussion and evaluating the process.

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Balanced leadership: what 30 years of research tells us about the effect of leadership on student achievement

by Tim Waters, Robert J. Marzano, and Brian McNulty

This paper identifies 21 key leadership responsibilities, and demonstrates the differences between first order and second order changes. 

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