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Lander Michael

To research successful ways of delivering the New Zealand curriculum in mainstream schools with a high proportion of Māori students.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership

Mackintosh Anne

Research elements of bilingual education, with a view to establishing a bilingual class at our school.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership

Maihi Shirley

Update and further knowledge of bilingual education and strategies for gauging student achievement.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership

Mangere East students and “Bobbie” maths

In this story Massey University researcher Dr Bobbie Hunter and the leadership team at Mangere East Primary School talk about the community of mathematical inquiry there that has Pasifika students and their fanau fizzing.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership, Curriculum, Pasifika student achievement, Student engagement

Māori education success

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership

McArthur Jill

To investigate what different schools do to make learning exciting and relevant for Māori and Aboriginal learners. To discover what the successes, fallacies, and failures are of other school's systems in New Zealand and Australia.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership

McMenamin Michael

To improve educational outcomes for Māori students by investigating successful practices in North Island schools and to learn more about moving a school from a monocultural to a bicultural base.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership

Morgan Andy

To study what schools who include mixed teaching mediums (Te Reo Māori and English) are implementing and using as strategies, principles and creative solutions to facilitate success for learners across the whole school.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership, Pedagogical leadership

Murfitt Daniel

My research is focused on developing an understanding about what experiences and conditions have influenced me within my leadership roles in New Zealand secondary schools.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership

O'Brien Tracy

To further extend Asia Awareness education in Kavanagh College and to move toward "Asia readiness".

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership

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