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Hull Christine

Investigate ways of developing effective and culturally appropriate consultation models that work at engaging Pasifika fono and improving educational outcomes for students, and effective strategies for improving the attendence and engagement of Pasifika students in a small but growing Pasifika community.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership, Priority learners

Hyndman Robert

To focus on what school leaders in New Zealand and overseas are doing to make a difference to learning, discussing ideas, practices and systems they find successful in engaging the community and raising student achievement.

Tags: Priority learners

Inder Richard

To increase participation rate and early childhood opportunities for Māori and Pasifika children in an ECE centre based at Gate Pa school.

Tags: Priority learners, Transition

Irvine Janine

Investigate the effect heterogeneous grouping has on student achievement and the approaches schools have used to move teachers from only using ability grouping to also incorporating flexible and responsive heterogeneous grouping into the teachers' skill set.

Tags: Priority learners

Johnston Sonia

Investigate how schools who have been involved in the Grad Dip TESSOL and the ASBEC 2013 Cluster professional development have used these opportunities to develop their school's leadership capability to meet the needs of Pasifika learners and their families in their own context.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership, Priority learners

Kazakos-Tomczyk Noula

To investigate whether a strategic leadership approach that increases whānau engagement in education accelerate student learning for priority students.

Tags: Priority learners

Kennington Janice

To visit a number of educational and medical facilities in New Zealand and in the UK which provide for the learning needs of students who have significant disabilities of an intellectual, physical, and/or health nature.

Tags: Leadership and special education, Priority learners

King Lindsay

To investigate and begin to implement effective programmes/innovations to accelerate student achievement in writing, with a particular focus on Māori students.

Tags: Māori student achievement, Priority learners

Kirk Alan

To investigate initiatives that will assist in improving the academic achievement of priority learners.

Tags: Priority learners

Langton Marriene

Investigate how schools create a restorative culture that enables disadvantaged or dysfunctional children to achieve success as learners and their full potential as human beings.

Tags: Priority learners

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