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Rangiātea: Opotiki College

Project focus: creating educationally powerful connections

We must show our children that we love them, that we have high expectations and aspirations for them, that they can achieve anything that a young person anywhere else can achieve and that their learning is the most important thing in our lives because learning matters. (Principal)

Opotiki College is a decile 1 rural school. Māori students make up 80 percent of the roll.

Tags: Māori student achievement

Rangiātea: Western Springs College

Project focus: individualised monitoring of student achievement

This is an awesome school, and you’ll do really well academically. If you come here, you won’t want to leave. (Māori student)

Western Springs College is a decile 8 co-educational school in Auckland. Māori students make up 17 percent of the roll.

Tags: Māori student achievement

Shanahan Mark

Strategies for schools to improve retention and academic achievement for Māori and Pasifika students.

Tags: Leadership and NCEA, Maori student achievement, Priority learners

Shortcliffe Andrew

To investigate strategies that can successfully enhance educational outcomes for Māori and Pasifica students. To reflect on the effectiveness of our own school's strategies and programmes developed over the last four years and consider where further modifications and improvements can be made.

Tags: Māori student achievement, Priority learners

Stevens Kay

To investigate the provision of specific programmes to enhance student well-being and social skills, with a particular focus on Māori students.

Tags: Māori student achievement

Tawhiti Jade

Investigate tuakana-teina concepts and their correlation to reciprocal and peer learning strategies to lift the achievement of our Māori students.

Tags: Māori student achievement

Wilson Scott

To research, analyse, and implement strategies to enhance parental and whānau engagement to support their children's learning, aimed at both parents and whanau of school aged children.

Tags: Māori student achievement

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