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Cox Malcolm

To investigate strong school leaders improving outcomes for Māori students.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership

Creating culturally safe schools for Māori students

This article looks at ways to create culturally safe classrooms in New Zealand schools. It focuses on ways in which teachers and schools can create inclusive environments for Māori students, and reminds us that all students benefit from being in culturally inclusive classrooms.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership

Dalzell Linda

Investigate the application of Kia Eke Panuku learning in a range of schools with particular but not exclusive focus on culturally responsive and relational pedagogy and powerful connections with whānau.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership

Eales Brian

Developing a culturally responsive curriculum, meeting the needs of Māori within mainstream education.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership

Ferrar Peter

Investigate BYOD and strategies for assisting learning for Pasifika, and particularly Tongan, students.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership

Fraser Linda

To investigate the identification of and provision for gifted students, with a particular focus on Māori giftedness.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership

Fraser Neil

Investigate how smaller rural South Island schools can better cater for and recognise Māori students when they are already keeping par with their peers academically.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership, Leading small schools

Grey Tony

To explore how effective e-learning schools are successfully utilising and implementing and Ministry's e-learning planning framework; to investigate the effective use of mobile technologies in modern learning environments to enhance the engagement and achievement of students, including priority groups of special needs learners and Maori students.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership, Leadership and ICT, Modern learning environments, Priority learners

Hamish Ruawai: leading learning

Managing self and relating to others are really important for all students, but to Māori students in particular. We know that for Māori students to be effective learners they need effective relationships with people who are teaching them. This knowledge influences how Hamish Ruawai and his team work at Kaikohe West School.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership

Harrison Elizabeth

To define cultural responsiveness through professional readings and to look at the challenges and success of principals to acknowledge "cultural responsiveness to indigenous students" in their school practice.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership

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