He kaikōtuitui - networker

“Kotahi te kōhao o te ngira e kuhuna ai te miro mā, te miro pango, te miro whero”

Networking, brokering and facilitating relationships that contribute towards achieving kura goals

The kaikōtuitui leadership role is about collaborating with key stakeholders, and being able to broker relationships and weave people together to achieve consensus and enlist support for kaupapa of the kura. It involves advocating for the goals of the kura and bringing experience and expertise together to help achieve those goals.

Central to kaikōtuitui leadership is the ability to nurture diversity and celebrate the uniqueness that this brings to the kura.

In addition, the kaikōtuitui role has a responsibility to foster and support sound relationships focused on learners’ development and success.

Key focus area: mana mokopuna

Goal: To lead the kura whānau to work together to help learners to realise their learning potential

Leadership practice:

  • encouraging whānau as educators outside of the kura
  • maintaining consistent educational messages in and out of the kura
  • facilitating a collective effort to help learners realise their potential

Key focus area: mana wairua

Goal: To identify best practice, behaviour and tikanga in a way that supports the health and well-being of learners, staff and kura whānau

Leadership practice:

  • implementing tikanga, based on best practice and behaviours that everyone can acknowledge and respect

Key focus area: mana tangata

Goal: To advocate for the kura and develop relationships with the learning community, mana whenua and other stakeholders to benefit the kura

Leadership practice:

  • advocating and representing the goals of the kura in building relationships in the wider community
  • establishing relationships with a range of stakeholders to support the vision and goals of the kura
  • acknowledging the place of mana whenua as kaitiaki of the area
  • facilitating processes to develop strong relationships with external stakeholders

Key focus area: mana reo

Goal: To acknowledge mana whenua discourses

Leadership practice:

  • acknowledging the place of mana whenua discourses as part of the kura programme

Key focus area: mana tikanga

Goal: To acknowledge the place of tikanga mana whenua within the kura

Leadership practice:

  • acknowledging tikanga mana whenua
  • engaging and collaborating with iwi and kura whānau to acknowledge the goals and aspirations they have for their learners

Key focus area: mana mātauranga

Goal: To gather support and assistance from those with expertise in mātauranga Māori

Leadership practice:

  • networking and collaborating with others to achieve the goals of the kura
  • enlisting support and assistance from experts in mātauranga Māori
  • engaging with iwi and pakeke in mātauranga Māori and facilitating opportunities for their involvement as advisers, speakers, historians, participants and planners
  • collecting information on mātauranga Māori from a range of authentic sources

Key focus area: mana ā-kura

Goal: To gather support for the marau ā-kura from learners, staff and whānau

Leadership practice:

  • weaving people together to support kaupapa
  • ensuring opportunities are available for learners, staff and whānau in the development and implementation of kaupapa
  • encouraging active involvement in goal setting for the kura
  • encouraging a sense of collective endeavour to achieve the goals of the kura

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