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A coaching framework

Tags: Coaching and mentoring

Barlow Josephine

Investigate ways to support principals in network – in the roles of coaching, mentoring, and professional supervision.

Tags: Coaching and mentoring, Communities of practice

Buckland Marion

To investigate best practice for mentoring leaders of curriculum learning to strengthen their leadership capabilities to lead their teams towards sustaining raising student achievement.

Tags: Coaching and mentoring

Burnside Toni

Build on my knowledge of coaching and mentoring and see how other schools have implemented and resourced coaching and mentoring in their schools.

Tags: Coaching and mentoring

Crowley Elizabeth

Investigate coaching as a development and improvement model for the creation of an effective school, with a focus on teacher learning and growth.

Tags: Coaching and mentoring

Doyle Louise

Investigate the use of coaching/mentoring processes to build professional capability in the special education sector and aid organisational improvement; produce a resource for other school leaders to use to develop a coaching culture.

Tags: Coaching and mentoring

Duckworth Barbara

Reflection on professional knowledge and skills of mentoring and coaching.

Tags: Coaching and mentoring

Johnson Julia and Mark

To develop leadership practice in coaching and mentoring teachers in order to raise student achievement.

Tags: Coaching and mentoring

Nelson Frances

Investigate the place and use of educative mentoring and coaching within performance management processes in primary schools. To identify the way in which these components impact on the growth and development of teacher pedagogical practice leading to increased student achievement. 

Tags: appraisal, Coaching and mentoring

Palmer Margaret

The use of coaching as a professional development model, building learner capacity in a sustainable way.

Tags: Coaching and mentoring

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