Leadership strategy

The Leadership Strategy for the teaching profession of Aotearoa New Zealand (2018) presents a system-level approach to developing leadership capability for teaching professionals.

The strategy signals a new approach by giving opportunity for the growth and development of leadership capability to all registered teachers in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The Teaching Council led the development of the strategy, working alongside teaching professionals. The strategy has four focus areas and sets out specific actions and outcomes for each. 

Download the strategy document - Teaching Council

The strategy is accompanied by a framework to guide leadership development in different spheres of influence, in early childhood education services, kura and schools.

Educational leadership capability framework

Strategy focus areas – Ngā wāhanga matua

The focus areas and key outcomes are:

Stewardship of leadership practice and learning

Te tiaki i te mahi me te akoranga kaihautū

Teaching professionals report that they see evidence of systematic, coherent progress in the development of culturally capable, competent and connected leadership practices that advance the learning and well-being of children and young people in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Capabilities of leadership

Ngā pūmanawa o te kaihautū

Teaching professionals have confidence in a leadership capability framework and use it to foster depth and breadth in leadership capacity building at different stages, in different contexts and in various spheres of influence. The agreed capabilities guide professional learning, career planning and leadership qualifications.

Personalised professional learning

Te akoranga ngaio whakawhaiaro

Teaching professionals have accessible, shared evidence-based leadership learning opportunities that guide their engagement in learning, are responsive to their aspirations and needs, and support the ongoing development of their leadership capabilities.

Building partnership, communities and networks

Ngā kōtuinga, ngā hapori me ngā whatunga

Leaders have the opportunity to work, learn and share with others, in practice, policy and research settings, and in the wider community.

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