Items tagged with "Leadership and ICT"

Appleyard David

To identify successful digital strategies that low decile schools are using to engage parents and whānau in student learning.

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Barnett Peter

To enquire into the development and use of e-portfolios at the primary school level and the impact of these as tools to enhance learning and parent, teacher, student partnerships.

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Bosch Theresa

Visit NZQA, Network for Learning (N4L), and Education Perfect as well as pilot schools to gather information to assist Baradene College to prepare for digital assessments.

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Boxen Willem

Strengthen the school's use of ICT to enhance learning and teaching and in particular best practice of, and protocols surrounding, the implementation and use of Bring Your Own Device strategies.

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Buckland Wayne

To research – and subsequently implement – using ICT, change management and capacity building to enhance learning by following the Michael Fullan Stratosphere model.

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Consedine Terence

To look at how we make differentiation and assessment for learning tools more manageable using digital tools.

Tags: Assessment and data, Leadership and ICT

Dowd Michael

To investigate how digital devices can be used in the classroom to track and share achievement progress for priority and other learners.

Tags: Leadership and ICT, Priority learners

Dunlop Susan

To research what future-focused, personalised learning looks like, especially using digital resources.

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Forgie Alan

To investigate and develop e-learning opportunities in rural area schools to help every child have access to this and the opportunity to succeed.

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Freeman Jeffrey

To look at changes in teacher pedagogy and use of ICT in modern learning environments to improve achievement.

Tags: Leadership and ICT, Modern learning environments, Modern learning pedagogies

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