Managing your school

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School systems provide and effectively communicate the ground rules for everyone. They ensure a measure of consistency in approach and action across the school.

Guides for managing your school

Practical guides for first-time principals on systems such as finance, employment, and property.

Forms and templates

Links to a range of templates, tools, and checklists on the Ministry of Education and other sector websites.

Administration links

Links to sources of administrative information commonly used by principals. 

School support staff: collectively making resources count

Report and case studies about schools that use effective management practices for their support staff.

Ongoing school self-review

Effective self-review processes ensure there is a systematic approach to improving the school’s learning environment and maximising students' learning opportunities.

Traumatic incidents

You can contact traumatic incident specialists on 0800 848 326 (24 hours).

Schools should have policies to cope with a traumatic incident, should it occur. Traumatic incident plans include what to do in the event of violence at school, student suicide, the unexpected death of a student or teacher, and natural disasters. Ministry of Education staff can help you with traumatic incident planning.

Find out more about emergencies and traumatic incidents - Ministry of Education website