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Abraham Maurie

Investigate the principles that drive the design of learning in a range of innovative, future-focused schools.

Tags: Curriculum design

Aked Heather

Develop a programme/framework for Project-Based Learning (PBL), with a focus on the research, resources, and best practice models identified by The Buck Institute of Education, The Innovation Unit, and Edutopia.

Tags: Curriculum design

Ashworth Gael

Investigate how New Zealand schools are implementing integration and project- or problem-based learning at the senior level.

Tags: Curriculum design

Chester Robyn

How schools are developing curriculum and culturally responsive environments.

Tags: Curriculum design; Māori student achievement

Choromanski Kevin

To deepen knowledge and understanding of the Curriculum Mapping process and the impact that the Curriculum Mapping process has had on developing a framework for curriculum design, in relation to the NZC, that is relevant, connected, aligned and data driven.

Tags: Curriculum design

Cochrane Jennifer

To investigate primary schools that have developed an effective environmental education programme, which is authentic and engages students in learning, and to look at setting up and implementing a quality eco-school model which will integrate the local Māori perspective and enhance the well-being of individuals, whānau and the community.

Tags: Curriculum design

Davis Sarah

Research schools in New Zealand that are adopting an interconnected approach to curriculum delivery and investigate how other schools are tailoring curriculum to meet the needs of students, particularly in senior schools.

Tags: Curriculum design; Transition

Drury Elizabeth

Research effective use of innovative learning environments, including the structures which support them, through wide reading, school visits and by attending the National Future Schools Expo in Melbourne.

Tags: Curriculum design, Modern learning environments

Greenaway Ann

Investigate the design of a future-focused curriculum for junior secondary students that maximises innovative learning environments.

Tags: curriculum design; modern learning environments

Harris Ngaire

Research and develop an organised framework for a future-focused curriculum that foregrounds and integrates real and relevant contexts, the development of curriculum content, and the 21st century capabilities and character strengths needed by our learners.

Tags: Curriculum design

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