Leadership programmes

The Ministry of Education is using the leadership strategy to build system understanding of the leadership capabilities in practice across diverse contexts.

Leadership strategy

Educational leadership capability framework

Ministry of Education support

Beginning principals programme

Provides support to beginning principals in their first two years.

Find out more about the programme at: 

Support for beginning principals – Evaluation Associates website

Other principals support

Leadership advisers are available to respond to requests from principals for support to resolve a specific need. 

This support complements existing principal support services from NZPF, SPANZ, NZEI, PPTA and NZSTA. 

Principals are encouraged to request the support of a leadership adviser when they are responding to a need in areas such as:

  • strategic relationships with staff, board of trustees, or community
  • strategic planning and internal evaluation processes including curriculum review
  • leadership capability within the school
  • planning in relation to ERO review recommendations
  • planning to positively impact on low levels of student engagement and achievement
  • your understanding of your governance role.

For details and contact information see: 

Leadership advisor specific support for principals – Evaluation Associates

Principal professional learning groups

These groups provide opportunities for ongoing professional learning and networking. They are facilitated by a leadership adviser.

For details and contact information see:

Principal professional learning groups – Evaluation Associates 

TeachNZ awards

If you want to do part-time or full-time study to build your skills in school management and leadership, you might be able to apply for a TeachNZ award.

TeachNZ offers study awards and sabbaticals every year. These offer paid leave. You must be employed under the primary or secondary teachers' collective agreement to be eligible.

Study awards, sabbaticals and grants – TeachNZ

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