Te aho tapu - focus on learners

Te aho tapu, the first and main thread of the korowai, weaves the whenu and aho of the korowai together. In the context of leadership, te aho tapu is dedicated to ngā mokopuna.

The table below provides a starting point for sharpening the focus of leadership to extend the potential and achievement of Māori. In displaying the qualities and applying the practices in the first two columns of this table, leaders are artists, weaving a korowai of strength, integrity and beauty leading to the outcomes for learners.

Leadership qualities

Leadership practices

Broad outcomes

Specific outcomes

  • are visionary, innovative, creative, hard-working thinkers who inspire teaching, learning and educational achievement
  • have a diverse range of skills and knowledge
  • demonstrate positive well-being and are able to fulfill leadership roles with confidence.
  • provide opportunities for Māori learners to succeed
  • tailor teaching policies and practices to Māori needs
  • encourage high-quality teaching through te reo Māori
  • build relationships within and beyond the learning community.
  • enjoy educational success as Māori
  • work with others to determine successful learning and education pathways
  • excel and successfully realise their cultural distinctiveness and potential
  • successfully participate in and contribute to te ao Māori
  • gain the universal skills and knowledge needed to successfully participate in and contribute to Aotearoa New Zealand and the world.
  • achieve their individual potential
  • experience successful educational outcomes
  • are proud to be Māori
  • contribute to the well-being of their whānau, hapū and iwi
  • participate in te ao Māori me te ao whānui
  • confidently represent te ao Māori in other cultural settings
  • develop a good work ethic
  • use their initiative
  • apply skills in multiple careers
  • make quality career choices
  • live successful and fulfilling lives
  • participate positively in society
  • contribute to the growth of the economy
  • respect others
  • pursue lifelong learning.

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