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Adam Joyce

To make transitions more effective for Māori and Pasifika students with a view to raising achievement in literacy and numeracy in the Eastern cluster.

Tags: Māori student achievement, Transition

Dewar Ian

To research what environmental and curriculum changes schools need to make to cater for the seemingly increasing numbers of 5 year old students starting school at developmental stages that are closer to the pre-school level than to the Year 1 curriculum level.

Tags: Transition

Farrelly Michael

Investigate the transition of year 8 students into secondary schools with a particular emphasis on transition from larger schools.

Tags: Transition

Glasgow Mavis

Investigate successful transition to primary school and to secondary school. Visit early childhood education providers including Kohanga Reo and schools, and talk to family groups and students in the local area.

Tags: Transition

Harrison Sue

Investigate student development and behaviour in relation to transitioning into intermediate and high schools, especially from U1 and U2 rural schools into larger urban intermediate or high schools, including boarding options. Investigate what transitioning practice is working well for students' engagement in high schools. Consult Māori whānau and students in line with Māori students achieving as Māori and taking into consideration iwi aspirations for their tamariki.

Tags: Transition

Heatley Liz

Investigate transition to secondary school. Visit Catholic full primary schools with similar cultural percentages to my own school (10.7% Māori, 37.7% Pasifika) to see how they prepare and transition their year 8 students, including priority students, to secondary school.

Tags: Transition

Horgan Jennifer

To investigate how integrating aspects of the Reggio Emilia approach within a new entrant setting could be conducive to a child's transition from pre-school to primary school.

Tags: Transition

Houghton Michael

Investigate ways to improve academic achievement, retention of students, and transitions for students from school into tertiary education courses, apprenticeships, and employment.

Tags: Transition, Vocational pathways

Johnson Kathryn

Investigate how to better prepare students for the transition to secondary or boarding school by extending and adapting the ways e-learning is currently being used.

Tags: Leading small schools, Transition

Mabin Rosemary

Visit similar New Zealand schools – rural, state secondary schools that are the only secondary schools in their community with a number of contributing primary schools, preferably providing years 7 and 8 technology.

Tags: Leading small schools, Transition

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