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Cleaver Kay

Explore the question "How do we continue to grow a culture that focuses on enhancing teaching and learning and where there is an expectation that all students will experience success."

Tags: Priority learners

Dowd Michael

To investigate how digital devices can be used in the classroom to track and share achievement progress for priority and other learners.

Tags: Leadership and ICT, Priority learners

Ferris Myles

Identify the effects of programmes within decile 1 and 2 schools that look to overcome the barriers to learning that students living in poverty face.

Tags: Priority learners

Franks, Geoffrey; Franks, Raylene; Punler Gary

Acceleration, as opposed to remediation, is one strategy the government is using with schools to raise student achievement. This study looks at how school and teacher "acceleration" practices are enhancing children's progress and achievement and how teachers know these practices are making a difference.

Tags: Priority learners

Gargiulo Salvatore

Investigate programmes, strategies and outcomes in other countries dealing with the specific needs of students from lower socio-economic families.

Tags: Priority learners

Graham David

Investigate the role of preview in accelerating achievement for priority learners. Develop such practices in the school, taking an acceleration rather than a remedial approach in supplementary support, allowing priority learners to access learning content prior to their usual guided session.

Tags: Priority learners

Graves Allison

Explore practical ways of meeting the needs of targeted priority learners and new learners within the school by observation of other schools' practices and internet research, leading to the creation of resources.

Tags: Priority learners

Grundy Paul

Review teaching and leadership strategies proven to enhance accelerated progress for priority learners in literacy.  In particular the success and sustainability of accelerated literacy learning initiatives in school settings and how these can be further developed.

Tags: Priority learners

Kennington Janice

To visit a number of educational and medical facilities in New Zealand and in the UK which provide for the learning needs of students who have significant disabilities of an intellectual, physical, and/or health nature.

Tags: Leadership and special education, Priority learners

King Lindsay

To investigate and begin to implement effective programmes/innovations to accelerate student achievement in writing, with a particular focus on Māori students.

Tags: Māori student achievement, Priority learners

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