He kaiarataki - advocate

“Kaua e rangiruatia te hāpai o te hoe; e kore tō tātou waka e ū ki uta”

Promoting the development and implementation of strategies, plans and policies to realise learners’ potential and educational success as Māori

The kaiarataki leadership role emphasises the importance of strategic leadership in Māori medium education. Strategic planning and goal setting are important at all levels, from governance bodies through to principals, teachers and school support staff. Strategic plans provide direction for development, and offer a blueprint against which day-to-day operations can be charted and matched against progress. Achieving the ideal plan for a kura requires good leadership, management and the coordination of people and resources. This form of leadership is about leading the process of strategic planning and annual goals to shape implementation, practice and success.

Key focus area: mana mokopuna

Goal: To facilitate the development and implemention of clear strategic, annual and operational planning focused on realising learners’ potential and success as Māori

Leadership practice:

  • facilitating the development of strategic, annual and operational plans focused on successful learner achievement
  • coordinating and integrating the goals of the Ministry of Education, the Board of Trustees, kura whānau, iwi, staff and learners
  • guiding professional colleagues towards achievable objectives and tasks focused on the successful education of learners
  • developing a symbolic presence in the kura and the community
  • advocating a strong focus for Māori student engagement, achievement and success

Key focus area: mana wairua

Goal: To facilitate and implement strategies that support and protect the well-being of learners, staff, and whānau

Leadership practice:

  • developing practices within the kura that ensure personal dignity and respect are given to each individual
  • designing and implementing codes of ethics and conduct to guide learners, staff and kura whānau practice

Key focus area: mana tangata

Goal: To strategically plan educational opportunities linking iwi, kura whānau, te ao Māori and the community

Leadership practice:

  • co-constructing with governance and kura whānau to formulate plans and recognising the value of others’ contributions and ideas
  • creating forums, hui, meetings and interviews where input can be collated from individuals, groups and stakeholders

Key focus area: mana reo

Goal: To facilitate te reo Māori professional development for staff

Leadership practice:

  • identifying staff and kura-wide reo in terms of capability and capacity through appraisals
  • investing in staff professional development to support and extend teaching and learning capability through te reo Māori

Key focus area: mana tikanga

Goal: To facilitate a culture of appropriate and agreed tikanga across the kura

Leadership practice:

  • formulating plans and facilitating a culture of tikanga that is embraced school-wide
  • ensuring that ongoing debate and discussion take place to evaluate tikanga for the mutual benefit of staff and kura whānau

Key focus area: mana mātauranga

Goal: To facilitate mātauranga Māori across the kura

Leadership practice:

  • using mātauranga principles to guide leadership practice
  • being knowledgeable about mātauranga Māori, and accessing support and coaching when necessary
  • providing opportunities for staff development in mātauranga Māori

Key focus area: mana ā-kura

Goal: To facilitate the development and implementation of educational programmes to maximise learning

Leadership practice:

  • maintaining an awareness of learners’ educational needs and desires
  • providing exciting, innovative and creative learning opportunities and experiences based on learner needs and interests through best practice

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