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Nicholls Daniel

Deepen understanding of working with priority learners (Māori/Pasifika) – up skill knowledge and application of te reo/tikanga; develop a strategic plan that lifts engagement and achievement of priority learners at St Patrick's.

Tags: Priority learners

Noble-Campbell Anthony

Focus on the concept of accelerated progress for Māori and Pasifika students who are below the National Standards.

Tags: Māori student achievement, Priority learners

Penman Mark

To investigate the positive impact of restorative practice in schools with particular focus on priority learners.

Tags: Priority learners

Reardon, David; Peck Debra; Huddleston, Lynne

Inquire into the critical factors required for all students to successfully and extensively manage/lead their own learning, and research how this approach could facilitate accelerated learning in priority learners.

Tags: Priority learners

Shanahan Mark

Strategies for schools to improve retention and academic achievement for Māori and Pasifika students.

Tags: Leadership and NCEA, Maori student achievement, Priority learners

Shearer Cleve

To increase professional understanding of and capability in using evidence and inquiry based leadership to raise achievement of priority learners. The particular focus will be on extending and applying this practice in an intermediate school context for middle years priority students who have had years of achievement challenges.

Tags: Priority learners

Shortcliffe Andrew

To investigate strategies that can successfully enhance educational outcomes for Māori and Pasifica students. To reflect on the effectiveness of our own school's strategies and programmes developed over the last four years and consider where further modifications and improvements can be made.

Tags: Māori student achievement, Priority learners

The spiral of inquiry

This paper argues for a “sea change in learning settings for young people”. Using a range of examples from New Zealand, Australia and Canada, it makes the case for new approaches to designing learning and teaching and how we might achieve this. It also provides a model for long term PLD within schools.

Tags: Collaborative practice, Priority learners

Thompson Teresa

To research and read into teaching and learning programmes of the Pacific Islands.

Tags: Priority learners

Vanderpyl Richard

Research institutions and schools involved in the highly regarded National College of School Leadership (UK) Within-School Variation project.

Tags: priority learners

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