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Schon Barry

Investigate teacher agency and its relationship to raising the achievement of all priority learners. Provide coaching models to implement in the school.

Tags: Pedagogical leadership

Sleeman Patricia

To explore initiatives used in schools to raise the standard of comprehension skills of new English language learners.

Tags: Pedagogical leadership

Smith Lindy

Academic mentoring as a tool in the raising of student achievement - its key elements, variety of models and implications for teacher practice in New Zealand secondary schools.

Tags: Leadership and NCEA, Pedagogical leadership

Student engagement

This excellent research paper (10 pages) takes a broad view of engagement, covering relationships, individual connections, behaviour, attendance, participation and classroom work. 

Tags: Leadership and NCEA, Pedagogical leadership, Student engagement

Teaching, learning and leading

A thought-provoking interview with Professor John Hattie in which he sets out his eight mind frames for leaders and teachers from his research and book on ‘visible learning’.

Tags: Pedagogical leadership

Technology, the new pedagogy and flipped teaching

In this 2014 video, Michael Fullan talks about whether technology can deepen the quality of learning. He agrees that it can but that it depends on the teaching.

Tags: Leadership and ICT, Pedagogical leadership

Torrey Denise

Middle leaders raising student achievement and reducing variance within schools.

Tags: Pedagogical leadership

Walsh Patrick

To determine best practice of mid-decile schools (5-8) in curriculum delivery and pastoral care.

Tags: Pedagogical leadership

Warren Bruce

Principals in classrooms: a snapshot of the thinking of school principals about making regular classroom visits.

Tags: Pedagogical leadership

Williamson Lorraine

To further develop my pedagogy in inquiry learning and curriculum integration.

Tags: Pedagogical leadership

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