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Pearson Hoana

Leadership, diversity, culture, and change.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership

Pettit Michael

Develop a kete that will provide improved knowledge, skills, understanding and effective practices to successfully engage Māori and Pasifika parents and wider whānau.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership

Pitt Vanessa

Investigate the actions, activities, and conditions of school leaders that contribute to effective Māori student achievement and or improvements in Māori student achievement.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership

Preece Ross

To complete a paper at UNITEC - 'Leadership in Education.' To visit other area schools and smaller high schools and investigate how they are providing for their Māori students and what provision they are making for their non-academic senior students.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership

Read Hayley

To complete a small research project that includes collating and analysing information from interviewing schools who are also taking part of a Professional Learning Development Te Reo maori Contract in order to improve the teaching and learning programmes to improve the Maori achievement at Whangarei Intermediate School.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership

Read Sharren

To investigate how our Positive Behaviour 4 Learning Programme and The Ka Hikitia Strategy can be linked to improve student-learning outcomes.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership, Leadership and special education

Rohs John

To enhance professional knowledge and understanding of the Pasifika community within the context of the workplace and to engage with the Samoan community to improve fluency in Samoan language, gain experience working with Samoan educational professional and to make an educational contribution though a project.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership

Taffs Bernard

To explore how Phase 1 to 3 secondary schools have completed the five year Te Kotahitanga professional development programme in conjunction with Waikato University and embedded and sustained the reform in their schools.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership

The challenge of equity

In this article Marion Fitchett reviews the professional learning opportunities that educational leaders need in order to respond productively to the Ka Hikitia strategy so that Māori enjoy educational success as Māori.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership

Tū rangatira (English)

Tū Rangatira: Māori Medium Educational Leadership is a model of leadership that reflects some of the key leadership roles and practices that contribute to high-quality educational outcomes for Māori learners.

Tags: Culturally responsive leadership

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