News in November 2014

Sabbatical award recipients for 2015

Information about principals and secondary senior managers who are the recipients of a sabbatical award in 2015 can be viewed at the links below: Primary principal award recipients 2015Secondary principal  award recipients 2015Area principal award recipients 2015Secondary senior manager award recipients 2015

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Tell us about your 2015 leadership event

We're preparing our 2015 events calendar at Ed Leaders. If you are organising a conference, seminar or course that principals, or middle and senior leaders might like to know about, send us an email with the information and a link, and we'll take a

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Sabbatical reports recently added

Sabbatical reports added in October 2014Principals' sabbatical reports How lower decile schools from lower socio-economic areas in the United Kingdom actively engage their learners and community into learning which will contribute to improving and raising student achievement (Chris Dibben, Tawhero School). Student behaviour management (Peter Fava, St Bernards' College). Growing...

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