Leadership strategy and framework

The Education Council has released the final version of The Leadership Strategy for the teaching profession of Aotearoa New Zealand and an Educational Leadership Capability Framework.The leadership strategy aims to make leadership development accessible to every teacher across English and Māori medium settings, in both positional and non-positional roles.The capability framework provides...

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Sabbatical reports added June 2018

Sabbatical reports published in June were: Secondary and area Lifelong learners How schools are developing students to be self-managing and lifelong learners. Gregory Fenton, Havelock North High School  Innovative teaching practice Develop a model of innovative teaching practice for a year 7–13 school. Paul McGuinness, Campion College  Primary Cultural competencies Deliberate acts of tātaiako: ways to develop cultural...

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Sabbatical reports added May 2018

Sabbatical reports added in May were:Secondary and areaEducationally powerful relationships Engage with parents, families and whānau to improve student achievement. Vicki Barrie, Northcote College  Student progress Find out whether individual students are making a year's worth of progress. Yvonne Browning, Southland Girls' High School  Kāhui Ako Investigate CoL| Kāhui Ako and other learning-focused collaborative ventures. Andy...

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Teaching and school practices

National picture from 2017NZCER has analysed last year's responses to the Teaching and School Practices survey to produce a national picture of teaching and school practices and principal leadership in English-medium schools.In 2017, the first year of the survey, 4,355 teachers and 353 principals from 403 schools took part.The reports...

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Sabbatical reports added April 2018

Sabbatical reports added in April 2018 were: Secondary and area Curriculum development How schools are developing curriculum and culturally responsive pedagogies. Robyn Chester, Tawa College  Modern learning environments The changes in pedagogy needed for modern learning environments. Carol Coddington, St Dominic's Catholic College (Henderson)  Models of staffing Staffing in area schools to best meet learning programmes. Donna Donnelly,...

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Site changes

We've been doing a bit of work to the Educational Leaders website over recent months. New section: Leading learningThis section features a new New Zealand resource, Spiral of inquiry: Leaders leading learning. It also contains two supporting collections of existing content: Collaborative cultures; and Professional Learning.You can find the section in the...

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e-admin login replaced

e-admin loginThe e-admin login for the school data portal has been decommissioned.The school data portal is where you send files to the ministry, for example roll return and attendance files.You now use your Education Sector Login (ESL) to access the data portal. You will no longer need your e-admin login details.Accessing ministry...

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