Sabbatical reports added January 2019

The sabbatical reports added in December and January were: Secondary and area Senior secondary curricula How schools implement project- or problem-based learning at the senior level. Gael Ashworth, Wellington East Girls' College  Professional isolation Professional isolation and its impact on principals. John Auld, Lawrence Area School  Boys’ success Relational teaching and success for all boys. Susan Hassall, Hamilton...

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Principal job shadow pilot

An opportunity for six principals who are seeking development to select the type of job shadow that would provide the growth they are looking for.Applications are open now and close on 11 March 2019.The job shadow will run through term 3 of 2019.You can apply to: shadow a principal in...

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Top-up LAT grants

The criteria for applications to the Recruitment, Retention and Responsibility (3R) National Fund are now broader.More primary, area and secondary schools can now apply for a financial grant to top-up pay when employing a Limited Authority to Teach (LAT) teacher.LAT teachers supplement the education workforce. They often have industry experience – for...

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Local curriculum support

The Ministry of Education is providing a package of support for local curriculum in early 2019 including workshops with teacher-release time, guidance, and tools.You can find details of this support on NZ Curriculum Online: Local curriculum package of support for 2019

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Sabbatical reports added November 2018

The sabbatical reports published in November were: Secondary and area NCEA Approaches to NCEA that might more readily engage students. Grant Jones, Newlands College  Modern learning environment (MLE) Impact of teaching and learning in a MLE on student achievement. Christopher Rooney, Liston College  Primary SOLO taxonomy How SOLO can help students articulate their learning steps, strengths and goals. Lynne...

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Sabbatical reports added October 2018

Sabbatical reports published in October were: Secondary and area Student achievement How to enhance boys' education and achievement in a rural setting. Andrew Basher, Buller High School Practices that support the achievement of learners in secondary schools. Karen Russell, Northcote College  Tertiary pathways Tertiary options in Southland for students with supported learning needs. Erin Cairns, Ruru Special School ...

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Sabbatical reports added September 2018

Sabbatical reports added in September were: Secondary and area Learning relationships How area school students and key teachers regard relationships of learning. Jason Fellingham, Taihape Area School  Professional development Planning tips for attending a Harvard Graduate School of Education course. Bruce Kearney, Kaiapoi High School Primary Pacific education Visit schools in Tonga and Samoa to investigate children's learning. Paul Coakley,...

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Sabbatical reports added August 2018

Sabbatical reports published in July and August 2018 were: Secondary and area Affiliate schools Assisting affiliate De la Salle schools in Pakistan with professional growth. Martin Chamberlain, Francis Douglas Memorial College  Curriculum approaches Curriculum and pedagogy for improving achievement. Scott Haines, Waimea College Approaches to curriculum and timetable structures. Peter Turnbull, Central Southland College  Achievement of boys How to...

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Leadership strategy and framework

The Education Council has released the final version of The Leadership Strategy for the teaching profession of Aotearoa New Zealand and an Educational Leadership Capability Framework.The leadership strategy aims to make leadership development accessible to every teacher across English and Māori medium settings, in both positional and non-positional roles.The capability framework provides...

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Sabbatical reports added June 2018

Sabbatical reports published in June were: Secondary and area Lifelong learners How schools are developing students to be self-managing and lifelong learners. Gregory Fenton, Havelock North High School  Innovative teaching practice Develop a model of innovative teaching practice for a year 7–13 school. Paul McGuinness, Campion College  Primary Cultural competencies Deliberate acts of tātaiako: ways to develop cultural...

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