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Secondary award recipients 2009

  1. Baxter, Mary Ann

    Hamilton Girls' High School

    Evaluate progress and directions to date, and read widely to prepare for the next few years, as a professional learning community at Hamilton Girls'.

    Download: Full report (PDF 5 MB)

  2. Bowden, Mark

    Opunake High School

    Leading secondary education requires a future focus and highly effective change management strategies to ensure the delivery of education for a rapidly changing world.

  3. Bradford, David Benson

    Ngaruawahia High School

    Bridging the divide between a school's vision statement and what's practised in the classroom. Implications of social capital and exploring valid performance indicators for schools.

  4. Buckland, Wayne

    Bream Bay College

    Restorative practices and schools / using ICT to inform learning

    Download: Full report (PDF 1 MB)

  5. Clark, Thomas James

    Northern Southland College

    What are the teaching styles and delivery methods that will make online learning more effective?

  6. Cochrane, Alistair

    Waihi College

    Current thinking and programmes around improving year 9 and 10 teaching and learning, especially improving Maori student achievement.

  7. Crosbie, Eoin

    Gore High School

    Building knowledge around how a principal can provide meaningful formative evaluation for teachers in terms of their teaching practice.

    Download: Full report (PDF 549 kB)

  8. Dawson, Ken

    Ellesmere College

    The processes schools have to transition students from primary school to year 7 in year 7 to 13 composite schools.

    Download: Full report (PDF 159 kB)

  9. Edwards, Elgin

    Tokoroa High School

    Reviewing the school campus concept, "More than one type of school, on one site".

    Download: Full report (PDF 3 MB)

  10. Gall, Peter

    Papatoetoe High School

    Through a combination of review of current school practice, literature research and school visits, establish an effective model of leadership development within a school setting.

    Download: Full report (PDF 67 kB)

  11. Gerrard, Tom

    Rosmini College

    Study successful practices in improving boys' education.

    Download: Full report (PDF 91 kB)

  12. Hamill, Clive

    Melville High School

    Reviewing literature and visiting schools to identify best practice in the area of student engagement.

  13. Harding, Fergus

    Menzies College

    Investigating strengthening relationships within the school and between the school and community.

  14. Herrick, Christina

    Taieri College

    Investigate how schools support and develop professional conversations that engage teachers in reflecting on and improving their classroom practice.

    Download: Full report (PDF 338 kB)

  15. Hoyle, Alexandra Janet

    Te Aroha College

    What do effective classroom teachers do that makes teaching and learning relevant to the 21st century learner? What are the specific techniques that make pedagogy effective?

    Download: Full report (PDF 114 kB)

  16. Lamb, Simon

    Takapuna Grammar School

    Further researching developments in neuroscience and brain research that should be informing education practice.

    Download: Full report (PDF 515 kB)

  17. Laurenson, Gilbert

    Otahuhu College

    Improving leadership skills and researching best practice in teacher coaching.

    Download: Full report (PDF 74 kB)

  18. Leach, Michael

    Botany Downs Secondary College

    Attendance at Harvard University's Educational Leadership Course. Working with Auckland University's Centre for Educational Leadership to develop a school-based educational leadership programme for teacher leaders.

  19. Mahoney, Philip

    St Patrick's College, Silverstream

    Improving leadership of the special character of this school by capturing some best practice through visits to similar schools.

    Download: Full report (PDF 980 kB)

  20. McFadyen, Graeme

    Spotswood College

    Attendance at the International Confederation of Principals in Singapore. Visiting schools overseas that implemented the literacy programme "Toe by Toe", to finally implement at Spotswood.

  21. McGuinness, Paul

    Campion College

    Reviewing the literature on personalising learning for students and developing a model of practice that can be used by a secondary school.

    Download: Full report (PDF 212 kB)

  22. Mexted, Roz

    Nga Tawa Diocesan School for Girls

    To attend the Harvard University, Graduate School of Education, Leadership: An Evolving Vision: and to visit three Queensland Academies focussed on digital pedagogy, using web 2.0 technologies in all aspects of teaching and learning.

    Download: Full report (PDF 380 kB)

  23. Murphy, Vivianne

    Wanganui Girls' College

    Investigating possible applications of online learning and the development of using Learning Management Systems to enhance student learning and teacher interaction with students about their learning.

    Download: Full report (PDF 117 kB)

  24. Newton , Charles

    Nayland College

    Investigating international 'best practice' where groups of schools are collaborating to access the power and sophistication of ICT aggregation and high-speed connectivity to advanced education and research networks.

    Download: Full report (PDF 223 kB)

  25. Pasley, Alexandra

    St Mary's College, Ponsonby

    How secondary schools set up by the Sisters of Mercy in the United States operate, in terms of educational initiatives to raise achievement, fundraising initiatives, initiatives to promote the Mercy charisma, and to visit Mercy schools in Samoa.

    Download: Full report (PDF 147 kB)

  26. Pelham-Waerea, Violet

    Western Heights High School

    Explore initiatives in education within secondary schools that have integrated career education into the curriculum - NAG 1 Part (vi) - and offer effective programmes for Gifted and Talented students.

  27. Pyatt, Denis

    Papanui High School

    Decreasing disengagement.

    Download: Full report (PDF 210 kB)

  28. Rennie, Clive

    Otago Boys' High School

    Two aspects of boys: School education; and differentiated learning and leadership programmes.

  29. Rowsell, Glenn

    Matamata College

    How ICT may be used to differentiate the curriculum and better engage students with learning and behaviour needs in their learning, and to explore programmes that schools have introduced to cater for 'less academic' senior students.

    Download: Full report (PDF 193 kB)

  30. Schumacher, Richard

    Central Hawkes Bay College

    Highly effective practices in schooling for the Generation Z learner, involving visiting acknowledged centres of excellence and engaging with leading practitioners.

  31. Shaughnessy, Theresa

    Avonside Girls' High School

    How are schools locally and in other parts of the world addressing the following two issues: Student voice in learning and school organisation, and home/school partnership and communication?

    Download: Full report (PDF 126 kB)

  32. Sims, Christina

    Awatapu College

    The use of ICT in teaching and learning in schools in the United Kingdom.

    Download: Full report (PDF 161 kB)

  33. Stephens, Bruce

    Te Kuiti High School

    Strategies being implemented in some English secondary schools to provide transition of students from secondary school to further training and the workforce.

  34. Tame, Linda

    Lincoln High School

    Strategies for successfully implementing the key competencies in a secondary school.

  35. Travers, Geraldine

    Hastings Girls' High School

    Gaining fresh inspiration from observing school-wide literacy programmes in the United Kingdom.

    Download: Full report (PDF 2 MB)

  36. Wood , Andrew

    Central Southland College

    What directions could curriculum delivery take in the future at Central Southland College?