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Area award recipients 2017

  1. Donnelly, Donna

    Karamea Area School

    Explore models of staffing in area schools to best meet learning programmes.

    Download: Full report (PDF 167 kB)

  2. Fenton, Gregory

    Onewhero Area School

    Observe and reflect on how other leaders, schools and learning institutions purposely engage their Māori learners to achieve success, and what success actually looks like.

  3. Gaffney, Jan

    Wa Ora Montessori School

    Attend the AMS Montessori international conference in San Diego.

  4. Hauraki, Pani

    Broadwood Area School

    Reflect on the vision of 'Te Rangatira' and how this has impacted on area schools in Tai Tokerau.

  5. Mikaere, Martin

    Te Wharekura o Manaia

    Research information sourced primarily from evidence presented before the Waitangi Tribunal by Hauraki iwi, Hauraki Māori Land Court Minute Books, and local Māori manuscripts.

  6. Wright, John

    Mercury Bay Area School

    Engage deeply in a unique, authentic, multi-disciplined, community-based learning context centred around the restoration of Great Mercury Island.

    Download: Full report (PDF 4 MB)