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Area award recipients 2018

  1. Auld, John

    Lawrence Area School

    Study professional isolation and its impact on principals. Collect information on the proactive measures schools and individuals are taking to overcome this.

    Download: Full report (PDF 592 kB)

  2. Fellingham, Jason

    Taihape Area School

    Focus on student development, behaviour or support and how relationships between teacher and student affect academic achievement. 

    Download: Full report (PDF 178 kB)

  3. Gabriel, Wendy

    Sonrise Christian School

    Investigate how Māori culture aligns with the Christian culture of the school. Develop cultural knowledge and responsiveness.

    Download: Full report (PDF 533 kB)

  4. Hayes, Juliette

    Columba College

    Carry out reading and research at the Otago University Centre of Educational Leadership and Administration and at the Hewitson Library, Knox College.

  5. Kuipers, Tim

    Ashburton Christian School

    Critique current educational ideas concerning secondary curriculum, particularly for years 11 to 13. Based on that critique, put
    together a general proposal for educational provision at senior secondary level.

    Download: Full report (PDF 615 kB)