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Primary award recipients 2011

  1. Adcock, Susan

    Warepa School

    To visit and communicate with selected schools in New Zealand and BES writers to rewrite the schools performance management systems and improve the schools self review/inquiry system so that it is robust, cyclic, evidence based and report on all aspects of the NZ Curriculum 2007 delivery.

  2. Aikman, Margaret

    Hay Park School

    Investigate the potential for a school-wide positive behaviour support approach to contribute to improve academic and social student achievement in a low-decile NZ primary school.

  3. Allan, Rachel

    Te Uku School

    To undertake an action research project 'Using Feedback to Improve Learning' in written language.

    Download: Full report (PDF 143 kB)

  4. Allott, Rex

    Omanu School

    To investigate programmes and practices that enhance the relationship between families, communities, schools - in particular those that improve the achievement of Māori children and their whānau.

    Download: Full report (PDF 178 kB)

  5. Andersen, John

    Ngataki School

    To research and analyse the success of systems and methods on how schools consult their Māori communities. Provide an action plan and achieve an overview of how increased expectation can improve Māori achievement in primary schools.

  6. Anderson, Sandy

    Arthur Miller School

    An "inquiry learning journey" at Arthur Miller School.

    Download: Full report (PDF 304 kB)

  7. Armitage, Paul

    Thorrington School

    To investigate how best to utilise a Learning Management System (LMS) to enhance and complement teaching and learning.

    Download: Full report (PDF 140 kB)

  8. Asplin, Wayne

    Ngahinapouri School

    To research how rural schools use teacher aides to enhance student achievement. In particular how they attract quality teacher aides and the programmes they use to support student learning.

    Download: Full report (PDF 113 kB)

  9. Austin, Warwick

    Johnsonville School

    In what ways do teachers make learning explicit so that students are able to articulate the what, how and why of their learning?

    Download: Full report (PDF 179 kB)

  10. Birch, Linda

    St Michael's School (Taita)

    To investigate oral language programmes in NZ schools with similar ethnic and socio- economic profiles as St Michael's, but where achievement of Māori and Pasifika students has been raised.

    Download: Full report (PDF 81 kB)

  11. Bloor, Cleve

    Maunu School

    An exploration of modern learning environments in New Zealand.

    Download: Full report (PDF 113 kB)

  12. Brooks, Neil

    Piopio Primary School

    Carry out an action research project at Piopio Primary involving teachers reflecting on their learning and the resulting effects that that reflection has on children's achievement, with the positive results leading to an acceptance of reflection as a vital part of the school's culture.

    Download: Full report (PDF 258 kB)

  13. Campbell, Linda

    Kimbolton School

    Look at successful writing programmes and the way teachers use assessment information and data to enhance student writing.

    Download: Full report (PDF 261 kB)

  14. Clarke, Jennifer

    Opoho School

    Complete further professional reading about restorative practices, participate in professional learning to facilitate situations that present in the school setting and visit schools where restorative practice has been implemented to discuss effective processes and practices.

    Download: Full report (PDF 157 kB)

  15. Codyre, Wayne

    Ross Intermediate

    To explore initiatives in schools across UAE, England and America using media and other new technologies to improve student learning outcomes.

  16. Coleman, Margaret

    Star of the Sea School (Christchurch)

    To investigate ways in which primary school principals utilise professional supervision including their personal mentoring to support them in their role as educational leaders.

    Download: Full report (PDF 210 kB)

  17. Cooke, David

    Melville Intermediate

    The impact of school transition and school structure on student engagement and achievement.

  18. Cooper, Christine

    Weymouth Intermediate

    Investigate whether students involved in the Manurewa Literacy Schooling Improvement Cluster during 2009, 2010 are more advantaged in their transition to intermediate school and consequently make more rapid progress and achieve higher levels of achievement than those who were not involved in the cluster.

    Download: Full report (PDF 67 kB)

  19. Coulam, John

    Marian Catholic School (Hamilton)

    To visit up to 20 schools to look at how they are reporting to their communities in plain English on the National Standards in Reading, Written Language and Mathematics. To compare best practice in reporting and lead a review of how Marian School is currently reporting to the community.

    Download: Full report (PDF 585 kB)

  20. Couling, Tim

    Okaihau School

    To research and observe professional leadership and learning systems to broaden personal knowledge.

  21. Cousins, Jacinta

    Our Lady of Lourdes School (Palmerston North)

    To investigate a range of schools of excellence that have worked to raise teacher capability and actively participate in sharing of good practice between colleagues and explicitly model this to staff.

    Download: Full report (PDF 48 kB)

  22. Coxon, Dennis

    Taradale Intermediate

    Middle schooling. Thoughts and wonderings.

    Download: Full report (PDF 150 kB)

  23. Day, Allan

    Spotswood Primary School

    Investigate what environmental factors can be incorporated to meet the vision, principles, and key competencies of the NZ curriculum as well as meet the needs of the school's children and aspirations of their parents.

    Download: Full report (PDF 84 kB)

  24. De La Mare, Jeanette

    Miramar South School

    To examine the ways in which schools are addressing a provision in the Educational Act that allow parents to withdraw their children from the sexuality education parts of health education. To look at the proportion of students withdrawn and if schools are making parents aware of the provision.

    Download: Full report (PDF 200 kB)

  25. Dixon, Brya

    Marton School

    To investigate how teachers and schools are developing and using their Assessment for Learning practices to support students learning while fulfilling the requirements of reporting to parents in relation to National Standards.

  26. Donnelly, Donna

    Tikipunga Primary School

    To investigate how schools are engaging with their communities to inform and share information about student progress achievement in relation to National Standards.

    Download: Full report (PDF 97 kB)

  27. Doran, John

    Karangahake School

    To study the theory and visit schools who have developed their learning communities or e-portfolio systems in a safe environment.

  28. Elms, Martin

    St Patrick's School (Paraparaumu)

    Investigate how students' engagement in learning and plain language reporting to parents is enhanced by the use of e-portfolios.

    Download: Full report (PDF 229 kB)

  29. Ferris, Peter

    Ilminster Intermediate

    Middle schooling. Thoughts and wonderings.

    Download: Full report (PDF 150 kB)

  30. Finlayson, Dave

    Opaki School

    To look at those students who are involved in sports academics and relate this to their academic achievement.

  31. Fitzsimons, Doug

    Porritt School

    To research into a specific Porritt School programme (pastoral care) and to visit other schools both in NZ and UK (health promoting schools).

  32. Fleck, Pam

    Riverton School

    To investigate how evidence gathered from collecting data can be used to make more informed judgments about teaching practice and learning achievement.

    Download: Full report (PDF 48 kB)

  33. Gordon, Alexander Ronald

    Patumahoe Primary School

    To further develop my personal knowledge and leadership in the Assessment for Learning (AFOL) model implemented in our school, assessing sustainability and alignment with the NZ curriculum.

  34. Gower, Brian

    Beachlands School

    To investigate primary schools that have developed an effective environmental education programme which is authentic and engages student in learning.

    Download: Full report (PDF 202 kB)

  35. Gray, Wendy

    Napier Intermediate

    To investigate current best practice on personalised learning and the implications for Napier Intermediate School.

    Download: Full report (PDF 2 MB)

  36. Green, Brett

    Monte Cecilia School (Mt Roskill)

    Attend the International Confederation of Principals Conference and the Australia Educational Leaders Conference. Investigate the social and emotional well-being and its effect on student engagement of school design and its effect on teaching and learning.

  37. Gully, Hugh

    Nelson Intermediate

    Investigate effective transition practices for male students from intermediate to college. Review stand down, suspension and exclusion data. Identify 'good practice'.

    Download: Full report (PDF 65 kB)

  38. Haggo, Craig

    Pongakawa School

    To investigate innovative technology programmes for year 7 and 8 students in full primary and intermediate schools that offer higher levels of learning engagement and empower students with their own learning.

    Download: Full report (PDF 4 MB)

  39. Hanna, Judy

    Mangere Bridge School

    To investigate how schools successfully engage parents in their children's learning and to discover how schools with successful parent-school partnerships show improved learning outcomes for their children.

  40. Hanton, Marie

    St Joseph's School (Rangiora)

    Investigate what learning principals undertake while in the job which assists in the work of being a principal.

    Download: Full report (PDF 133 kB)

  41. Harrison, Stephen

    Cotswold School

    To investigate the potential of e-learning and learning management systems (LMS) to enhance learning in schools and to explore the development of an LMS for Cotswold school.

  42. Hedley, Des

    Kapanui School

    How do schools encourage, collect, and use student voice to enhance student assessment and school review?

    Download: Full report (PDF 278 kB)

  43. Helean, Michele

    St Joseph's School (Fairlie)

    To investigate the implementation and teaching of the National Standards. Gather examples of 'good practice' from schools who have successfully implemented National Standards, focusing on their vision, values and principles.

  44. Hewson, Murray

    Witherlea School

    How do schools in NZ and overseas most effectively use learning support staff (LSS) to raise student achievement?

    Download: Full report (PDF 87 kB)

  45. Hinchco, Brian

    Papatoetoe Intermediate

    From Deputy Principal to Learning Leader: the changing role of senior management.

    Download: Full report (PDF 236 kB)

  46. Horne, Susan

    Maungatapu School

    Investigate culturally responsive leadership practices that support Māori student achievement in primary schools.

    Download: Full report (PDF 455 kB)

  47. Hunter, Andrew

    Balmacewen Intermediate

    To investigate the impact of National Standards on intermediate and middle schools with an emphasis on principal attitude and school culture.

  48. Jopson, David

    Palmerston North Intermediate

    To get up to date with the latest research on the You Can Do It! Education and train as a programme coach.

    Download: Full report (PDF 218 kB)

  49. Julian, Bruce

    Target Road School

    To consider the impact of the introduction of National Standards may have on the challenge new settler NESB (non-English speaking background) students and their families face to achieve in a NZ primary school.

  50. Kane, Tony

    Hamilton North School

    To gather information on how schools cater for the special needs of boys in a special needs school whether in their classroom, outside the classroom, or in their recreational activities.

    Download: Full report (PDF 267 kB)

  51. Kendrick, Murray

    Strathmore School

    Investigate how we can integrate Habits of Mind into school programmes.

  52. Kimber, Mary

    Waiau School

    To investigate good practice in school wide self-review, with an emphasis on curriculum reviews.

  53. Kofoed, Wendy

    Newmarket School

    To investigate how assessment to inform learning, with a focus on student voice, strengthens school and home learning partnerships through reporting.

    Download: Full report (PDF 107 kB)

  54. Lander, Michael

    Thames South School

    To research successful ways of delivering the New Zealand curriculum in mainstream schools with a high proportion of Māori students.

    Download: Full report (PDF 3 MB)

  55. Lawson, Barbara

    Orini Combined School

    To complete one paper of a Graduate Diploma of Educational Leadership.

  56. Lovegrove, Geoff

    Lytton Street School

    To explore how school leaders are influencing change in their schools, particularly in decision making at board and school level, and raising achievement standards through ethical leadership.

    Download: Full report (PDF 209 kB)

  57. Major, Martin

    Parklands School

    To investigate 'active supervision', its relationship to a reduction in disruptive behaviours in the classroom and links to improved academic performance.

    Download: Full report (PDF 35 kB)

  58. Manson, Christine

    Riverhills School

    To investigate models of what 'Student Voice' for year 0-6 students looks like, the importance of 'Student Voice' and how it links to effective pedagogy and quality teaching.

  59. Matthys-Morris, Raewyn

    Glenfield Intermediate

    To investigate how clusters of schools work together to sustain new learning across the schools and how they collectively benefit from working together. 

    Download: Full report (PDF 115 kB)

  60. McDonald, Alan

    Hastings Central School

    To use findings from research and school visits to develop the school's ability to maximise the benefits of teacher professional development particularly in relation to pupil learning outcomes in written language.

  61. McGregor, Craig

    Kuratau School

    To investigate risk analysis and management in outdoor pursuits.

    Download: Full report (PDF 86 kB)

  62. McQuillan-Mains, Rosalind

    Tainui School

    To investigate and experience strengths programmes in school and educational organisations that are based on positive psychology.

    Download: Full report (PDF 121 kB)

  63. Miller, Roslyn

    Bell Block School

    To undertake research into the Restorative Justice programme, its practices in a variety of schools and to train as a facilitator in order to implement my findings into Bell Block Schools Behaviour Management Programme.

    Download: Full report (PDF 139 kB)

  64. Nevezie, Cyril

    Stanhope Road School

    Conduct professional reading related to the ICTPD Cluster, attend the 14th Biennial EARLI Conference for Research of Learning and Instruction (UK) and visit schools that are leaders in ICT or use SOLO.

    Download: Full report (Word 6 MB)

  65. Newton, Richard

    St Clair School

    Investigate the curriculum-related decision making of schools who have taken possession of new or reconfigured learning spaces, with a particular emphasis on changes made to pedagogy and school organisation theory.

    Download: Full report (PDF 144 kB)

  66. Nicholls, Danny

    St Patrick's Catholic School (Taupo)

    To investigate different models of management and staff organisation in a variety of U-5 New Zealand schools, and strategies to develop career pathways for staff.

    Download: Full report (PDF 149 kB)

  67. Oliver, Charles

    Wanganui Intermediate

    Investigate leadership development opportunities provided by educational agencies and individual schools for middle and senior level leaders in England and Alberta, and compare these to opportunities in NZ.

    Download: Full report (PDF 134 kB)

  68. Oliver, Shona

    Central Normal School

    Investigate leadership development opportunities provided by educational agencies and individual schools for middle and senior level leaders in England and Alberta, and compare these to opportunities in NZ.

    Download: Full report (PDF 134 kB)

  69. Ostermann, Stephen

    Woodstock School

    Investigate the way schools use units to priorities the learning achievement of students and how this relates to strategic direction of the school.

  70. Parkinson, Fiona

    Devon Intermediate

    To identify the key features that characterise effective middle leadership in schools.

  71. Parsons, Chris

    Southern Regional Health School

    Investigate the provision of teaching in community mental health settings and international best practice in transitioning from the health school to school of origin in Aus and the UK: the provision of at home and at distance teaching by the health schools in the context of changing technologies.

  72. Peters, Richard

    Tainui Full Primary School

    To focus on other effective low decile schools to find how they identify under achieving students, what targeted and focused support programmes are used and how they effectively engage with the whānau of students with relatively high learning.

  73. Philp, Faye Jennifer

    Carlson School (Cerebral Palsy)

    Investigate current transition options for students (in three main centres NZ, NSW, Aus) with very high physical and complex needs (VHPC) as they move from school to life beyond school programmes. Provide the NZ Govt with compelling and rigorous findings that will influence perspective, policy, and funding for effective transition for students with VHPC needs to a purposeful adult life.

    Download: Full report (PDF 1 MB)

  74. Pitt, Vanessa

    Ruahine School

    Investigate the actions, activities, and conditions of school leaders that contribute to effective Māori student achievement and or improvements in Māori student achievement.

    Download: Full report (PDF 110 kB)

  75. Pivac, Robyn

    Marist School (Herne Bay)

    Reporting against National Standards.

    Download: Full report (PDF 163 kB)

  76. Price, Brian

    Breens Intermediate

    Investigate the various models of education for year 7 & 8 students both here in NZ and Australia. Draw conclusions based around what is working well for year 7 and 8 students and whether any one model is better meeting the needs of this age group.

  77. Restieaux, Colleen

    Cardinal McKeefry School (Wilton)

    To improve understanding of application of some web2 technologies and related implications with reference to primary schools.

    Download: Full report (PDF 229 kB)

  78. Roberts, Terry

    Portland School

    To evaluate the impact the healthy schools concept has had on the education of schools in Tai Tokerau. Visit schools in Northland who participated in the Fruit in Schools programme, Active Schools, and Sunsmart Schools.

    Download: Full report (PDF 71 kB)

  79. Roebuck, Greg

    New Lynn School

    Investigate 21st century leadership and research how it is impacting on student achievement within culturally diverse settings.

    Download: Full report (PDF 129 kB)

  80. Ryan, Susan

    Chartwell School

    To lead learning through use of digital technology.

  81. Sainsbury, Neil

    Konini Primary School (Wainuiomata)

    To explore the effectiveness of student voice and its link to personalising learning and engagement by students in their own learning and school life in general.

  82. Schofield, Graeme

    Greenacres School

    To investigate the effective use of student management systems for assessment and reporting.

    Download: Full report (PDF 98 kB)

  83. Shannahan, Louise

    Fairlie School

    To investigate school self review models and their application for primary schools.

    Download: Full report (PDF 160 kB)

  84. Sharp, Craig

    North Street School

    Research the use of ICT by students in learning across the curriculum.

    Download: Full report (PDF 181 kB)

  85. Siave, Geoff

    Shirley Intermediate

    Investigate the methods used by intermediate schools to enhance the transition of academic information about children moving from contributing schools to intermediate schools.

    Download: Full report (PDF 200 kB)

  86. Smith, Hugh

    Omokoroa Point School

    Travel to the UK to attend conferences, visit schools and work alongside experts in fields of interest. Extend professional reading, focus on school leadership, school improvement and differentiated/inclusive teaching practices to improve student achievement. Interview educational leaders with a view of finding answers for the assistance of students achieving below the NZ National Standards.

  87. Soar, Rob

    Whangarei Primary School

    Investigate and research the recent Kiwisport Funding Initiative introduced into primary schools in 2009 and to investigate and analyse how this funding is being used to encourage and enhance primary school children to be more involved in sporting activities in and out of school.

    Download: Full report (PDF 4 MB)

  88. Soutar, Stephen

    Awapuni School (Palmerston North)

    To investigate best practice to deal with and manage irate parents who use intimidation and/or abuse directed at staff and students when dealing with issues. To determine whether this type of behaviour is more prevalent in a particular type of school.

    Download: Full report (PDF 98 kB)

  89. Sutton, Christine

    Riwaka School

    To further the work in principal and teacher appraisal aligned to developing leadership and teacher capacity.

  90. Taylor, David

    Fernside School

    Undertake research into National Standards implementation and reporting to parents and to boards by principals. Specifically end of year annual reporting.

    Download: Full report (PDF 424 kB)

  91. Tester, Kay

    St Brigids School (Johnsonville)

    To continue professional learning in the area of reflective practice with a particular focus on the four major values held for the Ariki Project.

    Download: Full report (PDF 129 kB)

  92. Tetzlaff, Keith

    Henderson School

    To research approaches and methods schools are using to positively manage, monitor, communicate and celebrate attendance resulting in improved attendance.

    Download: Full report (PDF 294 kB)

  93. Thompson, Dennis

    Lyall Bay School

    Can student engagement be enhanced by the pursuit of innovative school building design and environmental improvements?

  94. Torrey, Denise

    Somerfield School

    Middle leaders raising student achievement and reducing variance within schools.

    Download: Full report (PDF 211 kB)

  95. Valvoi, Sean

    Parakai School

    Schooling in Denmark, France and Sweden, a Comparison with New Zealand.

    Download: Full report (PDF 112 kB)

  96. Waldron, Debra

    St Peter Chanel School (Green Island)

    Quality self review - what does it look like in practice and how does school leadership impact on self review programmes?

    Download: Full report (PDF 519 kB)

  97. Ward, Kay

    Carew Peel Forest School

    Investigate the impact on rural schools where increased dairy farming has resulted in a growing population of transient students. What practices and strategies are effective in transitioning students between schools?

    Download: Full report (PDF 4 MB)

  98. Warmington, Todd

    Ruawai School

    To investigate and discuss strategies for effective transition from year 6 to a 7-13 college and year 8 to high school year 9. Bridge the gap between the reading data provided to local colleges regarding Year 6 students and the data the college collates when testing the same group of children in week 1 the following year. Investigate whether transition plays a part in this local problem

  99. Willmoth, Josephine

    Three Kings School

    To research into strengthening student well being across diversity for improved learning.

    Download: Full report (PDF 124 kB)

  100. Wilson, Rex

    Allandale School

    Can the National Standards be used as a basis to develop students as experts in their own learning in literacy and numeracy? Can a process be developed so that assessment is learning?

    Download: Full report (PDF 223 kB)

  101. Young, Maurice

    Marina View School

    To investigate how schools can maximise the potential of students reporting on their progress and achievement in ways that can enhance learning and strengthen the learning partnership between home and school.

    Download: Full report (PDF 39 kB)