Area award recipients 2019

  1. Clark, Gavin

    Hastings Christian School

    Investigate pastoral care programmes in a range of New Zealand and Australian schools to determine best practice for addressing staff and student wellbeing (hauora).

    Download: Full report (PDF 401 kB)

  2. Feasey, Bill

    Twizel Area School

    Investigate building design elements to consider for our school rebuild by studying the literature on school design and visiting other schools.

  3. Griggs, James

    Amuri Area School

    Complete the 'Leadership: An Evolving Vision' course at Harvard Education School.

  4. Ham, Henarata

    Te Kura o Hirangi

    Develop an accelerant English transition programme for year 7–10 in a Kura a Iwi setting linked to, but not restricted to, Nga Tikanga o Te Matapuna ki Ngati.

  5. Mustor, Steven

    Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery

    Investigate how other schools provide opportunities for student directed learning (SDL) and use this knowledge to improve SDL for all of our students.

  6. Richardson, Mark

    Aidanfield Christian School

    Gain greater understanding of the school's bicultural responsibilities, develop our new marae links, and intertwine the bicultural obligations to and the multicultural expectations of our school community.

    Download: Full report (PDF 170 kB)

  7. Tukukino, Sophie

    Te Kura Maori o Porirua

    Research project-based learning, so our children, primary students, and secondary schools can benefit. I want to attend another school in New Zealand as well as a conference overseas to research this topic.

  8. Tuuta, Marama

    TKKM o Te Raki Paewhenua

    Reflect on the changing face of our kura, as an urban collective/hapu of whānau, where we have come from and where we want to be in 25 years. My main focus will be whānau aspiration with a particular emphasis on raukura/graduates.

  9. Whitehead, Graeme

    Excellere College

    Investigate how to better engage senior college students in a school's special character. I will also attend the New Zealand Association of Christian Schools (NZACS) Teachers' Conference, with our staff, as part of my personal PLD.

    Download: Full report (PDF 822 kB)