The Ministry of Education would like to thank the following people who contributed to the development of this publication. Middle and senior leaders, principals, academics, advisors, sector representatives, and Ministry of Education officials have kindly critiqued and reviewed this material. In particular, the Ministry of Education would like to acknowledge the work of Louise Anaru, Lee Anderson, Margaret Bendall, Gayle Britten, Nicola Church, Anne Coster, Sarah Dalton, Colin Davies, Beth Dungey, Kirsty Farrant,

Yvonne Fenemor, Brian Filipo, Dairne Fitzpatrick, Merrilyn George, Shelley Gibson, Amelia Gilmore, Dallas Graham, Christine Harris, Brendon Hart, Carol Jarrett, Janice Jones, Debbie Kellend, Iain McGilchrist, Rob Mill, Marion Norton, Lynette Parish, Jane Porter, Pam Redpath, Maggie Reid, Iva Ropati, Nadia Rose, Eric Shaw, Sarah Stenson, Lester Stephens, Mike Sutton, Jill Ussher, Hurae White, Colin Williams, Neil Withington and Howard Youngs

They would also like to thank Pauline Scanlan for her contribution to this publication, Elody Rathgen for writing the document, and Ian Reid for completing the final edit.

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