Select learning and development opportunities

You have identified your learning priorities and defined your learning goals and linked them to your context: 

– see Identify professional learning priorities

– see Set professional learning goals.

Your next step is to find the right opportunities to meet each of your learning goals. 

Formal courses through tertiary education providers are one means of achieving a required learning outcome. There are often short courses available too that might assist. There are also other opportunities that you and your board may wish to consider as valid learning options.

These can include such things as:

  • Attending relevant leadership conferences or forums, hui or fono.
  • Preparing and delivering papers at relevant conferences, forums, hui or fono.
  • Preparing and delivering papers to subject matter meetings or attending such meetings as a learner.
  • Participating in working groups where your work experience as a principal is valued and you have the opportunity to learn from others.
  • Publishing in national or international educational or other subject matter journals.
  • Sharing lessons learned with other educational leaders through blogs or other interactive media resources.
  • Participating actively in professional networks and communities of interest, online or in person.
  • Contributing to educational leadership or appropriate community leadership bodies.
  • Undertaking short secondments to other schools or agencies (for example, Ministry of Education; Teachers Council; Education Review Office) to gain subject matter knowledge or particular skills or experience you are seeking.
  • Develop opportunities offered from TeachNZ study and sabbatical awards.

Study awards, sabbaticals and grants – TeachNZ

Discuss any forums or opportunities that you see as relevant with your board, or their representative. You may also wish to discuss opportunities with peers or other advisors.

You and your board, or their representative, should use section 4.4 of the relevant collective agreement to check that the learning opportunities are applicable to your level of experience and the types of learning and development expected to be undertaken at that level.

Collective agreements – Ministry of Education

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