Succession planning

The principal has a key role in guiding and supporting others to step up as leaders. Giving opportunities for others to lead is an important part of succession planning for the principal’s role.

New Zealand articles and resources

Boards of trustees’ selection practices of principals in New Zealand primary schools: Will the future be female?

by Keren Brooking

This paper describes a New Zealand national study that explored the ways in which boards of trustees select primary school principals.

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Other resources

Leadership succession

by Andy Hargreaves

This article reports on research into what characteristics make for success during times of transition in leadership of a school. 

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The seven principles of sustainable leadership

by Andy Hargreaves and Dean Fink

This article challenges the notion that leadership needs to rely on one person to drive changes through. The authors argue that leadership sustainability is needed for change to be meaningful and to have lasting effect.

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School governance and succession planning: Planning for the leader you need

by Association of Independent Schools of Queensland

This short paper provides sensible strategies for schools to consider to prepare for succession planning. It also raises points about what may stop teachers from applying for leadership positions, including issues of equity, such as gender.

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Rising stars and sitting tenants

by Tony Hayes

This summary contains the main findings of a National College for School Leadership (NCSL) research study into the reluctance of many senior managers to take up the role of principal.

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Small school challenges: learning lessons from small school headteachers

by Amanda Tuck

Aspiring school leaders often contemplate their first movement into principalship via a small school. Amanda Tuck engaged in a significant research project interviewing leaders of small schools to find out their concerns, advantages, and the issues they face.

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Gender and school leadership

by Marianne Coleman

This paper draws on research data from two large surveys of secondary school principals in England and Wales to explore gender differences for secondary principals in New Zealand.

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