Review and report on your professional learning

Periodic review and goal adjustment

It is useful for the principal and the board, or board representative, to periodically check on progress and discuss whether the priorities and goals they jointly set remain valid, and whether they are satisfied with the progress being made on the learning programme.

A quick review of the stated goals and the learning plan every 3-4 months will ensure that the learning programme stays on track, or is readjusted if necessary.

For a range of reasons it may be that the principal has been unable to progress their learning intentions, or that some other area of learning is now more compelling, and it is agreed that an adjustment to the original plan is necessary. 

Regular review ensures that all parties are aware of changing priorities, and expectations can be managed appropriately.

Collecting supporting evidence

As the learning programme progresses it is essential to gather evidence about the impact your learning is having on your leadership practice.

This can include, but is not restricted to, such evidence as:

  • Data on school performance relating to identified strategic outcomes for the school.
  • Data on student achievement outcomes for the school.
  • Formal board feedback on improvements or initiatives in the school instigated as a direct result of the learning undertaken.
  • Staff, student or school community stakeholders, including hapu and iwi where relevant, surveys on your performance.
  • Written student or staff feedback on initiatives instigated, or areas of practice that have improved.
  • Any other feedback received from school stakeholders during the course of the year that relates to the new areas of learning – what has worked, and what hasn’t.
  • Course results on completion, if applicable.
  • Certification of course completion, if applicable.
  • Written feedback from course leaders on participation and performance in a course of learning undertaken.
  • Papers presented at conference(s).
  • Papers you have published on research or practice.
  • Review of any conferences or workshops attended including key learnings.
  • Emails from colleagues, board members, iwi representatives or members of the school community commenting on any changes or alterations to processes instigated as a result of the current learning.
  • Workshop materials or papers.
  • Relevant website materials.
  • Log, journal, or practice notes about changes instigated as a result of current learning and how this has impacted on pedagogical, management practice or relational trust in the school and school community.
  • Informal student or staff feedback.

Reporting learning achievements

Having at the outset a well-presented proposal for professional learning gives the principal the basis for easily providing the board with feedback on the learning undertaken during the year.

Reporting can include key learnings and demonstrating how these have changed professional practice, improved learner outcomes, and are now benefiting the school. This format may also be useful in the future when discussing changes in your school with stakeholder groups, for example iwi or parents.

Reporting does not need to be an onerous task. The periodic reviews and supporting evidence collected throughout the learning process should provide all of the elements needed to easily provide the board, board representative, iwi, or school community with a summary of what has been achieved.

A simple, but comprehensive presentation could include the sections shown in this downloadable template.

Download proposal template

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