Teaching and learning toolkit

An online toolkit that summarises the global evidence about different approaches to improving learning outcomes in schools.

Purpose of the toolkit

The toolkit is based on meta-analysis, that is, synthesising existing research studies in a topic area. The aim of meta-analysis is to identify significant patterns across the research.

The purpose of the toolkit is to give educators a sense of those patterns.

School leaders and educators need to use their professional judgement and more detailed research evidence to decide whether to apply a given approach in their local context. 

Contents of the toolkit

For each approach the toolkit provides an overview of the evidence base as well as a dashboard-style indication of the relative:

  • strength of the evidence base
  • implementation cost of the approach
  • impact on students’ learning.

Accessing the toolkit

The Education Endowment Foundation, a UK organisation, developed the toolkit and a similar toolkit for early years.

Teaching and learning toolkit

Early years toolkit

Evidence for Learning, an Australian organisation, maintains an Australian version.

Australian version of the toolkit

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