Free online education journals

Follow these links to online journals, databases or blogs. The journals are peer-reviewed and open-access.

New Zealand

Education Hub

  • Website summarising research on teaching practice.

He Kupu

  • Research and views on early childhood education. [New Zealand Tertiary College]

He Whakaaro: Education insights

  • Short papers summarising New Zealand education system evidence. (Ministry of Education)

Ipu Kererū

  • Blogs from members of the New Zealand Association for Research in Education.

Journal of Indigenous Wellbeing: Te Mauri – Pimatisiwin 

  • Multi-disciplinary indigenous knowledge and research experience.

NZ Journal of Teachers Work

  • Articles of interest to early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary teachers. [Auckland University of Technology]

Teachers and Curriculum

  • Articles on curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. [University of Waikato]

Waikato Journal of Education

  • Articles on issues connected to curriculum, learning and teaching. [University of Waikato]



  • Students and teachers document practices in which students have substantial roles. [ACER]

EdResearch Online

  • Bibliographical details and links to full text articles in Australian educational journals. Some articles are open access. [ACER]

Issues in Educational Research

  • Research topics drawn from all sectors of education. [Australia's institutes for educational research in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia]

International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives

  • Studies which contribute to a larger, cross-national comparative framework about education topics. [Sydney University]

Australasian Journal of Educational Technology

  • Articles on the integration of technology in tertiary education. [Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education]


Cogent Education              

  • Articles that address a number of broad topic areas in education. [Education University of Hong Kong]

Europe and UK

Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood

  • New and alternative perspectives in work with young children (from birth to eight years of age) and their families.

Education Inquiry   

  • Articles on teaching and learning across all sectors of education.

European Educational Research Journal

  • Journal of the European Educational Research Association, which promotes educational research in Europe.

Canada and US


  • Studies related to education and learning. [American Educational Research Association]

Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy

  • Articles that address administrative or policy issues related to education and educational systems in Canada. [University of Manitoba]

Education Next

  • Research, ideas, and arguments about school reform in American K–12 education.

Education Policy Analysis Archives

  • Multilingual and multidisciplinary journal concerned with education policies.

International Journal of Multicultural Education

  • Research and articles on multicultural education. 

WERA Educational Journal

  • Research and commentary on selected topics. [Washington Educational Research Association]

Other useful links

Corwin webinars (US)

  • Regular webinars on education topics – free access.

Digital Commons Network – Education Commons

  • Full-text scholarly research from participating organisations worldwide. 

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