Collaborative cultures

Collaborative professional learning cultures represent a complex and adaptive challenge. They take time, but they can build teaching effectiveness and result in better learning for all students.

New Zealand articles and resources

Communities of learning

A collection of sabbatical reports and other reflections on what is happening in Communities of Learning, Kāhui Ako. 

New Zealand school stories

Piritahi Community of Learning

Medway River by Phillip Capper CC BY 2.0

Twenty-one schools and the Marlborough Kindergarten Association are working together in the Piritahi Community of Learning (CoL), one of the largest CoLs in the country. Two years on, members of Piritahi CoL share their experiences in an Education Gazette article.

West Auckland principals collaborate

In 2007 a group of principals from a range of schools in Waitakere, West Auckland joined forces to see if they could work together to make a difference to student outcomes across the region. This story explains how they did it.

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Invercargill schools collaborate

by Nicola Allen, Yvonne Browning, Rowana Skelt

A single transition form for the whole of Invercargill has replaced the forms each secondary school used to collect information from primary schools in the area. Southland Girls’ staff talk about how the quality of transition for staff, students and the wider community has improved.

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Other resources

What makes a school a learning organisation?

This OECD guide proposes a model to describe the processes a school uses when it aspires to become a learning organisation.

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Learning is the work

by Michael Fullan

Learning is the Work is a powerful article by Michael Fullan on the benefits of collaborative work in and between schools. It is also about well-led teams of teachers working to build individual and collective capacity to raise student achievement. It is a useful article for those building understanding about effective collaborative practices.

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Promoting collaborative learning cultures

by Various

This issue of Ideas into Action discusses the necessary conditions for establishing an authentic collaborative learning culture in a school, and how we can build collaborative relationships across and between communities of schools.

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Professional learning communities writ large

by Michael Fullan

This article emphasises the need to look further than the community of a single school if there is interest in an educational infrastructure that will build capacity over a long period.

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Too busy to learn? an introduction to collaborative leadership learning

by Multiple

This introductory handbook of interactive materials for collaborative learning builds on an NCSL pilot programme to develop leadership learning groups. It offers questions, processes and materials.

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